Proposal: Rally Whitepaper

Short update regarding the whitepaper :slight_smile: Overall the progress has been very good, but we still have some work to do. We’re also looking for someone to help with the final editing in terms of making the whitepaper look aesthetically pleasing. If you know someone, let us know!

The skeleton for the whitepaper is finished. More concretely, the information regarding the RLY entities (, Ecosystem DAO, etc.) has been collected, worked through and documented. The abstract, introduction, fundamental tokenomics and other individual sections have been written.
The next step is to have the representatives of the individual RLY entities flesh out the whitepaper in their respective sections. This means providing information on tokenomics, team structure, and anything else they consider ready for publishing.
The next and final step after that is to go over the whitepaper and do the final editing, correct spelling/grammar and all that good stuff.

In terms of the finishing the whitepaper, early November looks good but it will depend on when each contribution is made to finish each subsection.

I look forward to providing the next update :smiley: Once again, if you have any questions or comments I’m here!


Final update before the whitepaper get’s published!

Short recap of last month’s progress:
Much of the whitepaper has enjoyed numerous improvements, additions and other contributions from RLY team members. Their input has been invaluable in making the whitepaper a fully fleshed out whitepaper and making sure that each entity (, SuperLayer, the DAO, etc.) is described in detail.
A lot of work has been done to make sure the paper is grammatically correct, the layout is top notch, all the sources is complete and most importantly, it’s accessible and easy to read for anyone interesting in the RLY ecosystem.
The whitepaper is essentially finished, final review by the RLY exec’s is ongoing and publishing should be very soon.

On a personal note, I’m very excited to have the whitepaper go live. A lot of work and passion has gone into writing it and I am confident it’ll be a great addition to the RLY knowledge base.


Thanks for your hard work!

Looking forward to it. Thank you and everyone working on it.

I’m just putting this link here because I always forget we somewhat migrated the old Rally ‘whitepaper’ to a broader ecosystem paper and the link is on, not woops.

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