RLY Network Growth Challenge!

Growth Experiment #2: The Creator Sign Up Bonus Program

Hi everyone, I hope you had a great New Year, we are very excited to get back to our growth efforts in 2022! With that, I would like to share the next growth initiative proposal, the Creator Signup Bonus Program. At the end of the proposal, I have also included an example of the first Creator Sign Up Bonus program that will go live. I have been working with the $HLTH team on this to show what is possible with this program. Please feel free to reach out on and continue the conversation on the #growth-initiatives Discord channel.

We plan to partner with existing Creators on giveaways and other marketing initiatives to drive new users into their communities.

See RLY Network Growth Challenge details above.

Supporting Creators through marketing and giveaways to their audiences will increase the number of high-quality users on the platform.


  1. Understand if $RLY based co-marketing / giveaway incentives are an effective way to acquire new community members
  2. Understand if those community members are high-quality & engaged participants

How we will measure success:
[Acquisition / Cost]

  • Total # of net new community members per Creator
  • $RLY cost per Creator
  • $RLY cost per Community member

[Engagement / Quality]

  • Economic activity rate per new community member

[Negative metrics]

  • % of community members who are low-quality (eg. do not transact)
  • % of new community members who are fraudulent
  • Total cost in fraud $
  • Total $RLY bridged out

Proposed Solution:

  • Sign up bonus
    • Why: Creators will be supported in marketing directly to their audiences and offering bonuses for new users to join their communities
    • Details: Rally will provide the $RLY backing to allow Creators to offer up to 100 $RLY or equivalent $CC amount to each new user
      • Creators may split the 100 RLY in any way between themselves and their new users (eg. Creator gets 50 RLY and new user gets 50 RLY)
      • If the Creator prefers to offer their $CC as the bonus, they will need to front the amount of $CC to give to the user and they will be reimbursed in $RLY
      • Creators may add an engagement requirement for earning the signup bonus (eg. follow & retweet on Twitter, complete KYC, fill out a form, etc.)
  • Creator Requirements
    • In order to participate, we are asking Creators to submit a small written proposal (via this Google Form) explaining how they would like to use the signup bonus to motivate their audience to join their community
    • We encourage everyone to be creative in the ways they would like to use the signup bonus and (Note: we will do everything we can to support all Creators’ ideas, however, if they are too challenging we may not be able to support them at this time)
    • We will review each proposal and work directly with the Creator to get the best campaign set up as soon as possible
  • Tracking plan / Signup flow for users (tentative plan, may differ per campaign)
    • Creator (or Rally) sends a Google Form to their audience asking them to provide the emails they will use to sign up for Rally (users will need to fill this out in order to be eligible for the bonus, we will not be able to honor retroactive bonuses)
    • That list of emails will be used to cross-reference all new signups on Rally
    • For all matching emails, those users will be added to a batch payout list
    • Rally internal will issue payouts to the batched users using our manual payout tool
  • Awareness & marketing
    • Creators should market this as being a limited time offer to drive urgency and align with the growth challenge timeline
    • Creators should be sure to lead with the message of value their community offers, not the RLY or CC cash amount to drive higher quality users
  • Legal / Compliance
    • This will fall within our existing TOS, so no further legal action will be required for these campaigns
  • Support
    • Creators will be able to find all details related to the options and rules of this campaign on our wiki
  • Payout
    • Creators will be paid per new user that meets their criteria upon sign up
    • If the users are being paid in RLY, we will pay them from our treasury and be reimbursed by the RLY Network Association
    • If the users are being paid in CC, the Creator will need to front the CC and we will reimburse them with the equivalent amount of RLY from our treasury

Example Campaign
The $HLTH Community

  • Overview: The HLTH team would like to introduce their healthcare audience to Rally and crypto more broadly. In an effort to incentivize their audience to sign up, for a limited time, they will be offering 50 RLY to all new users who sign up for Rally.
  • Details:
    • 1/ HLTH team will send out communications to their targeted audience letting them know about the limited time offer and asking them to first enter their phone & email (the email they will use to sign up for Rally) via a Google Form
    • 2/ After the new users fill out the Google Form, they will be asked to sign up for Rally using the same email address
    • 3/ After they sign up for Rally, the HTLH team will ask them to enter their Rally ID & email into another Google Form in order to qualify for the 50 $RLY bonus
    • 4/ They will share that google form of Rally IDs/emails with the Rally team
    • 5/ The Rally team will upload that CSV of emails + amount to be paid out into the bulk payout tool
    • 6/ Users will be paid out within 7d via the batch payout tool
    • 7/ The HLTH team will be paid out for the RLY new user bonus within 7d



Woot! Question…

Using Google Forms for capturing emails prior to signup works for attribution, but we have another solution which might be handy right now (as would some other apps in the ecosystem)

We can automate some attribution for every Creator already through PlayArcade signups for those who would like to add that vector. Each Creator already has their own landing page on https://theplayarcade.com, for example: $KKCR has their own unique landing page/URL https://theplayarcade.com/KKCR which looks like this:

For example:

We can add some attribution for landing pages to help the Creators measure campaign conversions/sources like this:

  1. When the user clicks on the CTA to Login/Create Account, we flag them for attribution.
  2. They go through the signup process.
  3. When the redirect back to the site happens after signup, we can see that they landed here immediately prior to creating a new account and have valid last-touch attribution for the Creator.
  4. We also get the signup email and account creation date during this process so can use those to populate account lists to send back to Rally and the Creator in whatever format/time period.
  5. Technically the Creator could also run an automatic airdrop (we do these for high score challenges already) of Creator Coin too if they wanted to front-load that.

As an added benefit, attribution can include a source tag so Creators can measure channel/campaign efficacy in their growth campaigns.

If this approach seems valid, it could be available for all Creators within about a day or so. What do you think?


Absolutely in favor of the more streamlined attribution. In my own experience, and I’m sure many others, even when you’re handing out free money with people these days, it has to be extremely easy to sign up. Otherwise, they’re not going to follow through with it. Filling out multiple Google forms will drive the acquisition rate way down. A tracking link/dedicated landing page for each creator is the way to go 100%.


Love this idea…
I worry with these programs of not rewarding existing fans and those who already have accounts and I don’t want to encourage people to create a second account with a second email just to take advantage of this free money as I’ve seen people do over and over again to drain my bonfire promotions… I will make it clear on my podcast and in my discord but for sure something I am concerned about.

We’ve almost doubled our supporters in the last 60 days so I have no doubt this promotion will be a big hit.


Most of these we can quantify, but it will be difficult to quantify the KYC complete flag. It seems like something that could be added to userinfo and therefore be able to grab via API.

@davey: thanks so much for sharing the PlayArcade attribution idea. Per our offline discussion, we will work together to see how we can implement this tool into each campaign where it fits! I have also engaged the Bonfire team to see if there is another tool they have/can build that would help with the temporary attribution challenge.

@isocialfanz: I really appreciate the note. I agree, you have called out a real potential fraud case that we plan to watch very carefully when these campaigns go live. For now, we are exited to get some campaigns live and will track the negative metrics diligently. We believe that the potential growth opportunity for high quality users currently outweighs the potential for fraud and so we will move forward quickly but cautiously. Please share with you audience and it’s a great idea to pre-empt the potential for fraud. Fill out that Google form if you would like to participate and try to increase your community even more with this campaign, I would love to help out!

@davey: That is a great callout. Let me chat with our some team members to see what it would take to do that.

Thanks for the feedback everyone. Please do share any & all of your ideas for bonus campaigns via the google form so we can kickstart some more growth on Rally :rocket:.

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One idea is to use some of the RLY that you receive to create some other kind of giveaway for existing users too. That’s what we will do, to create some High Score challenges with larger prizes.


Rally Growth Update #1

Hi everyone,

It has been exactly one month since we kicked off the Rally response to the RLY Growth Challenge and I wanted to share a quick update on how things are going.

So far we have launched two new growth campaigns:

  1. Creator Referrals - Creators will be paid 5,000 RLY for every new Creator they refer who launches a coin and reaches 100 new community members.
  2. Creator Bonuses / Giveaways - Creators can run any type of new user bonus/giveaway they want, and it will be entirely funded (up to 100 RLY per new user) by Rally.

All of the campaigns are still very early but we are beginning to see some new users as a result. Here are some of the highlights from our current programs:


  • 68 total referrals have been submitted by 24 individual Creators
  • 17 of those referred Creators have submitted their applications. 2 of them have made it through the approval process and are eligible to launch their coin. Of the 15 Creators who have not yet been approved, a few didn’t pass KYC requirements and a few were rejected by our community CAC, the rest we are still waiting to clear KYC requirements.

Bonus Giveaways

  • 9 Creators have shown interest in launching their own bonus campaigns
  • 3 are live and acquiring new users, 3 are ready to go live (just waiting on the Creator to begin marketing), and 3 are in progress and will be launching soon.
  • So far we have only brought in ~50 new users via the live campaigns, but we just got started this week, so we expect to see more volume over the next few weeks.

Please reach out if you have any questions about this program or the results. We are ALWAYS looking for more referrals and more Creators to launch giveaway campaigns with us, so please connect with me if you are thinking about it!

Onwards and upwards :rocket:,


Hey Guys

Not sure if this has been discussed, but would be great something like a YouTube boxing event if we had one of the fighters as a creator and they either let watch for free or made it so you had to buy their token to watch the event. Kind off force the issue here. Something like that

Hi! Does anybody else think we should extend the initiative?

Hi Erica, it has been extended. Thanks for asking!

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