A Rally Role Bot And Thoughts

I’ve got a very Minimumly Viable Product for the Discord Role Bot. Code here: https://github.com/calvinloveland/CryptoRoleBot .
I wanted to get some feedback before I put more time into it. Hopefully it is what everyone was expected to fulfill this bounty. The repo has a README for running the bot yourself or if there is interest I can set up a test discord server containing the bot. What it still needs (in no order):

  1. Better helps and docs
  2. A permanent hosting solution
  3. A pretty profile picture
  4. Error handling (A lot of error handling)

Anyway, thoughts on the bounty:

  1. There really needs to be a way to verify that a user owns a Rally ID. Simply trusting that users own a public id not great.
  2. I’m not sure if there is a way to allow or disallow access to a channel without just assigning roles? The bounty could be more clear on how to handle channels.
  3. It seems to me like this bot will require some continued hosting for the bot. It may be that I’m just not experienced with how discord bots are usually run though. If it does require some hosting then a one time payment doesn’t really make sense since the bot will require continual support. (The twitch bot bounty handles this well I think)

Thanks for posting this @calvinloveland, exciting to see!

It looks to me like you have a pretty solid setup of the tech and core features from what I can tell in the repo. In order to test what you have, I’d love for the next step to have a test discord server setup where we can use the commands. After that, adding the steps necessary to setup the bot in an existing discord (You note this in your “todo list” #1) would help the evaluation of a Creator being able to set this up on their own. Final review would look something like Rally (or a Creator) attempting to use those instructions.

I am not intimately familiar with how Discord bots work (outside of some perusing of existing bots and searches while helping draft the bounty). So the documenting your bot setup would also help me understand how we can better frame future Discord requests going forward.

A few responses to your specific notes below:
re: Hosting - It would certainly be good to dig into this. Bounties will often fall short on detailing parts of how a platform (discord in this case) work. In this case, may be material to the success of the Bounty (especially as early as we are in suggesting requirements). If as part of your bounty hunt, can find out the details of how hosting works in discord bots as opposed to alternatives (say open sourcing the functionality and/or updating existing bots), we can figure out what’s possible and if the Bounty should be adjusted accordingly.

re: validating Rally ID - Agreed. This is the number one item on the wishlist for the API so far. As creators will still have manual overrides for these roles and channels, its still a reasonable starting place for them to test out Creator Coin use in their community until we have better auth flows for more important gating.

re: clarity on Roles - Curious if you have any questions or suggestions here, I am very open to collaborating. We are still working through how open to leave the basic requirements of a Bounty. We are trying to balance time/ overhead/ control over the implementation and feature design with the bare minimum directives. Some of what’s required to fulfill bounties is to understand the use by the creator in order to decide on implementation that works best. Let me know if you’d like any Creator or product input and we can work on getting some other community members to lean in here.

I’ll work on getting a test server up soon. Unrelated but I don’t see the bounty discussion channel on discord anymore?

I think something wonky happened with Roles, it should be back as of this morning.

Alright I’ve got a test serve set up:

Feel feel to play around however you want. I’ve got a screenshot of the role and channel setups. All the commands should be open to everyone.

re:re: hosting. Ideally for hosting my prefered method would be to simply open-source the bot and let you guys host it however you want. But I can host it myself if necessary.

re:re: roles. I’ve looked into this more and it is totally possible to add members to channels just like the bounty requests. I’ve added some functionality for that.

And for anyone curious about discord bot development it isn’t my MO. I’ve basically followed this tutorial: https://realpython.com/how-to-make-a-discord-bot-python/

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This is fantastic.

For Rally to test, I think we will setup a version in Rally Discord. After that, it would be great to opensource and then have directions for individuals to setup in their own bots/hosting (Creator admins). This will give them the best control, without having to host yourself (though I do see a lot of this going on in Fiverr communities where people are charging to host bots for a year)

I’m not sure if it is a good idea to test bots on the main Rally discord. There isn’t really a good way to compartmentalize them. Having a separate server for testing would probably be a good idea. I’ll keep working on documentation so people can host it themselves