Coinbase support for Rally

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This is my first new topic, and it’s a fairly simple question – if it is being addressed elsewhere or if I’ve posted in the wrong category or anything please let me know, it’s the only way I’ll learn, haha! I’m also not a crypto expert or technologist by any stretch fyi.

I am wondering what (if any) are the implications now that Rally is supported by Coinbase? I know for my part the whole business of bridging is slightly daunting for me, and I know many folks who are even bigger crypto novices than me who might otherwise be interested in getting involved and supporting creators but can’t get their head around it. Are there plans to make it more seamless to get Rally in and out of the creator ecosystem using Coinbase? As it stands I only happened to notice Rally support on Coinbase itself, if I didn’t have an account there I wouldn’t have known it was supported. Is there a reason for that? Curious to hear from those more in the know, which frankly is probably everyone reading. :sweat_smile:


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