Community Treasury financial report

To make an informed decisions over our budget its important to know about all the major expenses. I would like to suggest a simplified version of a financial report every 4 months about the community treasury. Furthermore the Treasury Management should hold a Q&A after every report in a community call. I believe this information is currently missing if we want to manage the treasury as a community.


Hi Lomo -
Treasury Manager will be reporting financials on a quarterly basis going forward. We can expect financials approx. 1st week after the close of each quarter.
Being this is our 1st time, the Treasury Manager will be reporting financials up to end of Q2, 2021 the 1st week of July, 2021 and of course there after each 1st week after the quarter ends.


Hi mobina,

thanks for the reply. I’m fine with this approach :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @mobina,

Just checking back in on and this. Should we expect the report this week or next? Also, would it be possible along with the release to schedule a stand-alone community meeting to discuss the report? Something similar to what Miguel Vias held.
Let us know what you think!


Hello Grand -
The financial report will be posted by Friday this week. The financials report should have all the details needed so once published, we can define if a meeting is needed - which I am happy to coordinate.

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Good thinking. Agreed! Thanks for the quick response!

Hi - the financials have been posted for the period ending 6/30/2021 within Wiki. Link below -


Thanks, great to see the quarterly reporting kicking :wink:


@mobina thanks!

Great start for the Rally DAO.

Few questions/ suggestions:

  1. ~60% of RLY is dedicated to liquidity. This is not an expense to my best understanding. Every amount that is not actually spent and suppose to come back later should be somehow excluded or marked.
  2. Would be happy to receive the excel format/something that is interactive
  3. If you are showing both USDC and RLY it makes sense to show the average USDC/RLY exchange rate and transform everything to one currency as a summary (USDC is more comfortable but RLY is more crypto native)

Thanks for the great work and looking forward to seeing this grows with the DAO.


Hi -

  1. You are correct re: liquidity; it will come back and we noted as that, but for now, it still consider funds out.
    2 and 3. we can add this to future reporting

Please let me know what else you might need / want to see.

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Would it be possible to also capture the Rally treasury in a Dune Analytics dash?

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CC @mobina - This is what he’s referring to: Dune Analytics

Thank you @PhelpsGG. @josiahtullis - the Community Treasury Manager will review this option and outline if this tool can be used. We will follow up.