Community Treasury financial report

To make an informed decisions over our budget its important to know about all the major expenses. I would like to suggest a simplified version of a financial report every 4 months about the community treasury. Furthermore the Treasury Management should hold a Q&A after every report in a community call. I believe this information is currently missing if we want to manage the treasury as a community.


Hi Lomo -
Treasury Manager will be reporting financials on a quarterly basis going forward. We can expect financials approx. 1st week after the close of each quarter.
Being this is our 1st time, the Treasury Manager will be reporting financials up to end of Q2, 2021 the 1st week of July, 2021 and of course there after each 1st week after the quarter ends.


Hi mobina,

thanks for the reply. Iā€™m fine with this approach :slightly_smiling_face: