Creator Council April update

Hi folks,

Just wanted to post a quick update here on the first couple weeks of the council.

Meetings and communications: We are handling creator reviews asynchronously, sharing questions and opinions between the group and sometimes reaching out to business development for more information on candidates. We have established a weekly sync to discuss the latest batch of creators and have been working to establish and refine a process for voting.

Innovative Creator Coin use cases: We posted a call for submissions on the forum here. Thank you for the responses that have come through here, individually to those on the council and for anyone who has submitted on the form. We’ll be reviewing the first batch of these next week for rewards, and hope to establish a framework for judging the use cases.

Approved creator transparency update: We’re going to publish a list once a month of approved creators who have launched coins, but not which creators are in pre-launch. We’re trying to preserve the excitement of the creator announcing to their community before the Rally community at large knows a creator is coming to Rally.

Creator approval process: There was some question of the role of the council vis-a-vis creator applications. Applications are submitted to Rally, where Business Development will review them and contact creators directly (note that there continues to be a backlog of applicants that they are working through). Bus. Dev. puts candidates forward to the Creator Council for further review and voting. This process mirrors the snapshot voting process that existed before the council. After council voting is complete, the bus. dev team contacts those creators and moves the process forward towards coin launch. The council has approved two batches of creators in this manor so far.

Thanks everyone and welcome further questions and feedback. Have a great weekend.

-Grand, RainRaith, SixyMofo, Tdang-tran, Jason