Delegate Voting

Hi there, this might be discussed/planned somewhere already but here’s my thought in mind.

$RLY LP contributes to the network and should have a say(vote) to its governance.
One idea is that LP will be able to select a voter and staking LP tokens can delegate its voting power to those voters.

Any thoughts on this?

Hi Kaito,

If you check the discussion channel, there is a technical challenge in “snapshotting” LP token RLY holdings for the purpose of exercising voting power. See my proposal that is a work around until the technical challenge is overcome. Def. Agree with your idea in principle.

That said, if you have an off the shelf solution to this or can reference another project that has solved for this, please share!


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How do you vote. I have been on Discord for awhile. I have staked. I just don’t know where to go on Discord to vote.

thank you

Kaito- this is now live in Snapshot. Go check it out

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Great, thank you! I will check that out

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