Developer Bounty Program FAQ


Where are the Bounties posted?

All active Bounties are kept up to date in the Discord Bounty Boards channel.

When are Bounties updated?

There is no limit to how many Bounties are up and how often they become available, so check in often. Bounties are only limited by available funds and the ability for the Bounty Administrators to design healthy proposals for developers. So the more support they get from the community to designate funds, and to ideate new proposals, the faster they can come out.

How are Bounties designed?

Requirements for Bounties are designed by incorporating community feedback, needs identified by network teams, and availability of developer funds. Bounties should always be designed so that their requirements, once delivered, will bring some useful upgrade to users of the Rally network. The first area Bounties focus on is around the use of Creator Coin information on external platforms.

Bounty rewards are designed based on presumed difficulty, value to the network, and impact on Creator audiences for the current stage of the network.

Bounty ideas are accumulated from discussion in the community and will target a wide spectrum of contributions: to the needs of Creators, to both sidechain and Etherum $RLY contributions, and to core network technology.

How are bounties approved?

There are roughly four phases of bounty submission as follows:

  • Submitting work to an Active Bounty - Anyone can submit a reward claim to a live bounty. This is done in the Rally Discord #bounty-submissions channel and following the directions there, which include information about how the review teams can see and approve your work.
  • Administrative submission review - Once a reward claim is made against a bounty, the Bounty Administrators will review the requirements and the submission materials to make sure the most basic requirements are met before submitting for community approval.
  • Community Approval - Once Administrative review is complete, and a community approval submission is made by the Bounty Administrators, there is a 72hr review period where the community has the opportunity to look at submission materials and decide if the bounty has been met.
  • Reward administration - After review, if the community votes to approve, the bounty is closed, and the reward process begins. See: How will I receive my rewards?

Is there a limit to how many submissions I can make?

Only one submission per developer is allowed for a single bounty (there shouldn’t be a reason to submit more than once anyway). Anyone who fulfills the requirements of a bounty, can submit a claim for the reward.

Additionally, multiple submissions for the same bounty can take place from different developers at the same time. While preference is generally given to the developer who submits first, the community does have the ability to approve more than one reward if several developers meet a bounty’s requirements; this is a decision that can be made by the community on a case by case basis.

Who chooses which Bounties are available?

Bounty Administrators will decide whichBounties to post on the Bounty Board following the intention set in the proposal for the Developer Bounty Program. More generally, administrators seek input and feedback from the wide community of Rally Network members to influence which Bounties are made available.

Community members can submit ideas and suggestions directly to the Bounty Administrators in the #bounty-discussion channel in Discord.

Bounty Rewards

How do I submit my work to receive a Bounty?

Anyone can submit a reward claim to an active Bounty. This is done in the Rally Discord #bounty-submissions channel and following the directions there, which include information about how the review teams can see and approve your work.

How will I receive my rewards?

Depending on the bounty, there are various ways a developer receives their rewards. The most basic reward is through the distribution of $RLY in a supported ETH network wallet or $RLY/Creator Coin to a Rally Network account. This is done shortly after work submission is approved, usually within two or three business days.

Additionally, a bounty may also have a recurring reward distribution (usually monthly) related to continued use or service of a bounty required service. These distributions will be tracked in a public location and tracked by the Community Treasury administrators to make sure they are accounted for and distributed in a timely fashion. Most monthly distributions happen between the 1st and 5th day of the month.

Lastly, a bounty may have a reward unrelated to $RLY network distributions; these are likely to be more and more rare as the network grows. If your bounty reward includes this kind of distribution, and your work submission is approved, you will receive specific instructions from the Bounty Administrators on how to receive this reward.

Bounty Community

Who is involved in Bounty Administration?

To begin with, the Bounty Administrators will start with Rally team members in order to get things off the ground. With that said, the goal is to grow a large developer community to support Creators and the many things that need to be built on the Rally Network. Rally will be working with community members early to add more people to join the Bounty Administration group.

What does the Bounty Administration group do?

Collectively the Bounty Administrators are deputized to:

  • Design and post new Bounties
  • Curate Bounty submissions for community review
  • Work with Rally administrators to reward developers for their work
  • Coordinate and support proposals for governance over developer funds and improvements
  • Design programs within the definition of the Developer Bounty Program in the Rally Network governance
  • Add/Remove Bounty Administrators

How do I become a Bounty Administrator?

Currently there is not a process for applying or being admitted as a Bounty Administrator However, one of the earliest tasks for the group is to design that application process and the criteria for admittance. Stay tuned to the Discord developer channels for updates in the coming weeks.

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