Earnings graphs? activity graph? value graph?

I really wish there was better graphing for earnings and coin values for historical comparisons…

is there such a thing anywhere?

Mike B

Hi Mike!

I don’t believe this will be available on Rally.io as we are focused on creating tools and use case for creators and their communities to use their tokens, not so much for speculators or those with a primary focus on price.

However, I’m sure third party services will become available over time that give you access to the information you’re looking for.

thats a shame, as regardless of what the intention is for th eRally and community tokens, it’s good to see where your investment is going and if you are losing money or earning money.

Mike B

Creator coins are not “investments” though, they are “utility tokens” that allow creators and communities to have their own micro-economies.

yes I understand the intent of the tokens. However, whenever real money is involved, it will, as it has, become an investment.
Even from the non-investment point of view, it would be nice to see how our community tokens are doing historically.

thank you for taking the time to chat :wink:

Mike B

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