[GUIDE] Apply to become a Reviewer

Every semester we are looking for new Reviewers that bring in fresh perspectives.


  • Have a pipeline to upcoming projects
  • Co-manage a DAO treasury and distribute grants
  • Learn experiences on assessing teams
  • Gain experiences similar to venture capital
  • Build professional relationships in the crypto ecosystem
  • Add value to your network by providing them options for grants


  • Help your ecosystem projects by offering them grant community
  • Review incoming projects
  • Vote on projects and distribute capital
  • Likely 5 hours a week

To apply and become a Reviewer:

  1. Submit in this thread below by hitting Reply
  2. Follow this template example:
Your Crypto background - if any
Your DAO background - if any
Your Community background - if any
Your VC background - if any
Your Rally background - if any
Your Intentions
Your Availability level 
Your Ask
Your Give

Here is the previous class:

Below is my submission as an example post:


This is an example post for educational purposes, I am not submitting to become a Reviewer

Name: Sydney Lai / MoneyMage

Crypto Background
Past work includes: ConsenSys, Filecoin, Polkadot, 0x, The Graph, Chia etc

DAO Background
Ran grants for MetaCartel, launched MetaGammaDelta, Mystic Whales, etc

Community Background
Launched and ran collegiate sorority for 4 years, volunteered for 6 years in community economic development, 1 year volunteering a community garden

VC Background
Raised $41M in token sales + VC, launched $5M PE fund, design token sales and liquidity pools

Rally Background
Dabbled in social tokens in the past but not with Rally specifically

Here to collaborate with community members, get first insight into what projects are up and coming, especially in the intersection of social and gaming

Availability Level
V minimum, I’m not applying as a Reviewer this is an example post

My Ask
Any gaming related projects please refer to me or DM me on Twitter @sydneylai

My Give
Any projects looking for capital, I can help review and share resources for grants or traditional VC especially if you’re raising Seed - Series A

Need help with DAO or community design

Contact: twitter.com/sydneylai

Thanks so much for your consideration!

Name: Brian Mark
Your Crypto background: Limited crypto investment since Jan 2021.
Your DAO background: Friends With Benefits member since Apr 2021. Membership team member since May 2021, managing inbound applications. Digital events manager since July 2021, managing all Discord community events, content management, and partnerships.
Your Community background: adidas Marketing for 5yrs, building consumer sentiment + revenue.
Your VC background - if any: None.
Your Rally background - if any: Director, Content + Education, since Nov 2021.
Your Intentions: Here to help advance the network’s growth, bringing DAO + Rally experience as well as marketing/brand/experiential expertise.
Your Availability level: 5hrs/week.
Your Ask: Connect me with content creators, thought leaders and educators interested in social tokens.
Your Give: Can advise on DAO operations, Discord community building, digital events, and content ecosystem.
Contact: bmark@rally.io, @_briiian_

Name: Paul Hoffman
Your Crypto background - First got involved with crypto in early 2014 as a speculator. As per 2019, crypto is my full time “job”.
My focus herein is predominately identifying developing narratives in the crypto-ecosystem and identifying which projects will do well when that narrative develops.
I have a very thorough understanding of blockchain infrastructure, tokenomics, L1’s, roll-ups, blockchain gaming, social tokens and human incentive models.
Your DAO background - I spend quite a lot of spare time contributing to the DAOPunks DAO (pm me for more info, super awesome project) setting up the grants committee, vetting grant applications, managing the treasury, working as a mentor and helping steer the DAO. More recently got involved in the BanklessDAO to help build and structure the role consensus and nomination structure.
Your Community background - Authored the whitepaper in close coop with the RLY team. Prior to that I made contributions to the Rally wiki environment.
Your VC background - Wouldn’t really consider myself a VC, but have been involved in a lot of projects from a very early stage.
Your Rally background - I have not been contracted by Rally other than to co-author the whitepaper
Your Intentions - I thoroughly enjoy the role of assessing the potential value and merit of teams & projects and would love to continue doing so. Over the last year I’ve seen a lot of incredible talent be interested in RLY and I’d love to be able to contribute to that.
Your Availability level - 5 to 10 hours per week should be no problem
Your Ask - Would like to expand my network and knowledge base
Your Give - 8 years of experience in the crypto ecosystem vetting projects has thought me a lot and I’d like to share what I’ve learnt over the years to help others succeed.
Contact - Find me on Discord: Chaosed#8148 or PM me through the Rally Forum