Is there an exchange system for newly created coin?

Hi community, just recently found this project and like the idea of making it easy to mint coins and the idea that creators can benefit in many ways from coins.

My question though is there a way, after coin creation, to actually have the coin exchanged with a market. An exchange system to help discover price and distribute coin?

After a little digging on this forum I can’t seem to find info about actually putting the newly created coin on an exchange. I know adding to a DEX is possible but that doesn’t address other issues like liquidity, branding and even access (pretty costly to use DEX). A more customizable centralized exchange would suffice here I imagine.


Hi Exchange-kit-kid,

Currently the Creator Coins are just exchanged on, but there simply isn’t enough liquidity or demand if you look at the market cap of even the largest creators on the network right now for them to be traded elsewhere. At least in my opinion. However, there are plans to enable bridge-out for creator coins to benefit from Eth mainnet innovations beyond trading. Also, there may be future creators with much larger audiences (or current ones that may scale up) who will benefit from further distribution and price discovery through availability beyond

Search for “Delphi Digital” in the forum posts for more details on plans to expand Creator Coin availability that should directly answer your question about future creator coin availability on exchanges.




Thanks for the reply, this does seem like a common issue for anyone that has a users/community and a coin. The distribution and market/pricing today are challenging.

I think one solution, at least for the time being and before much of these ‘mainnet’ innovations come online then using open-source crypto exchange solutions and just do the exchange yourself.

I actually think the merging of coin creation system with the exchange tech is something worth exploring more. For now the coin creation does seem to be rather straight forward and far ahead right now.

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