List of Existing Rally Creators

Rally Governance launched on 10/15 at which point any new creators must be voted in by the community on Snapshot. For full transparency, I wanted to provide the list of existing Rally creators and those that were already committed and in on-boarding but not yet launched on See below for full list:

Roffle -
WobbleWeezy -
chewiemelodies -
stanz -
nicholena -
twlevewinshs -
DownToQuest -
Tina -
Maddie -
Plalism -
Keeyuh -
Arvius -
lukiluki -
Viviana -
Carmen -
janee_liuu -
DanyTlaw -
Alliestrasza -
NiteNightKid -
blametruthoc -
Mizzy -
Kevin Chou -
flynnjamm -
“Top 5 eSports team”
“World renowned athlete”
Chris Kurdziel -
Susie Kim -
Jamie Dubs -
Emanuel Coen -
Gabriel Haines -
Irshad Azeez -
DJ JScrilla -

Hit us up on Discord if you want to know more about our current creators. New creators can sign-up at and we’ll reach out to get folks into the proposal stage on Snapshot. Otherwise, if you know an existing Rally Registry member, they can propose you as well!