Multiple accounts and potential identity theft issues

Right now, all you need is an email to sign up for Rally, and you only need to verify your identity to bridge-out. What issues arise from this? A few, beyond bots

First I’d like to address flow-control, it’s a great concept but with how rally is set up, it allows people to create multiple accounts to trade on, “But you still need to go through the identity process to bridge out” you may say, but with no identity verification on the account itself, it allows one account to be verified and have as many mule accounts to trade and send to the one verified account so that they may for the most part, get away with the flow control trading on 10 different accounts. “They’re not bots, theyre human interactions, it’s not botlike activity” you may say, you dont need a bot to trade for you on those 10 accounts, all you need is to put together a script that clicks on the same button through multiple tabs, don’t believe me? Look up at how some people are getting banned and unbanned from Runescape because they’re actively playing and not botting the accounts, just taking advantage.

Also, without having identity verification, who is to say that someone who steals someones card information cant just make an account in their name and email, buy a CC, and send it to themself. Without identity verification you are asking for someone to get their identity stolen, it shouldn’t matter to someone who supports a creator or that it could take a month or two to be able to sell, people stake money all the time, it’s practically like staking but youre free to trade after verification. In a courts perspective, whoevers idenity got “stolen” is just lying and wants the money they “gave” back, theres no way to prove the person recieving the money created the account.

This is a big issue that needs to be addressed and I know im not alone. I dont even think you can trade on coinbase without verification and coinbase INVESTED in, companies should learn from others, SO much fraud and legal issues came from not having to be verified using crypto, the fact that this hasnt already been addressed is ridiculous, having 1 bot sell every 1 hour is different than having multiple accounts trading for one every hour, bots are the LEAST concern if you ask me.

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I have seen multiple account used on here often. Before there was a tax to creators you would regularly see 5 quick trades out of a coin for large amounts. Now I think it’s more like 10-20 trades and then a bunch more from the same person later.

As far as bridge out, I had to jump through hoops to get verified to bridge out. I don’t think that is much of an issue right now since I had to do the same things for the other crypto companies like Coinbase and Kraken.

An example of having multiple accounts (unless they’re all the same account, even then it would make no sense to sell like this) theres no way 10-20 people in unison are selling the EXACT amount, down to the millionth when in decimals.

Can anyone confirm if all these transactions are legitimate?
In less than 10 mins,1000$USD has been transferred (gifted/sent) so far.

It keeps going.