NEED: More Community Devs

Problem: More Bounties than Community Devs
Solution: The following is a draft proposal for a Community Funded Rewards program to incentivize the recruitment of new developers into the Rally Ecosystem.

Please leave your comments/feedback/ideas below.

A proposal will be posted on Friday with consideration of all feedback provided.

Funding Request: Developer Recruitment Program


  • Earmark 60,000 $RLY from the Treasury for the Developer Recruitment Program
  • Immediately move 30,000 $RLY into a wallet specifically for this program
  • The additional 30,000 $RLY will only be moved if this program is succesful and the first 30,000 $RLY is awarded.
  • Reward users for recruiting a developer that completes a development bounty


Back in October, we launched the Community Rally Developer Ecosystem and Developer Bounty Programs. We’ve already had some success with it by introducing new tools such as the Community Discord Bot and a Price Ticker.

However, we want to put some rocket fuel on this program, as the current development needs far outweigh our community development resources.

The Problem: Lack of Development Resources
The Solution: More Developers - But how do we get more developers?

The purpose of this proposal is to create a Developer Referral Program that will incentivize the recruitment of developers to our community and dev ecosystem.

Developer Referral Program Outline:

  • If Bob refers a developer, Bob will receive up to 1000 $RLY per bounty, for up to 5 bounties. (Bounty Admin’s Discretion)
  • If the referred developer completes 5 bounties, a 5000 $RLY bonus will be awarded to both the developer and the person who referred them.
  • Max Reward: 15,000 $RLY for each Developer Referred (10k to the person who referred, 5k to the dev)
  • A user can refer more than 1 developer and be eligible for another set of rewards.

We hope that this program will increase the # of developers that are interested in working on solutions for the Rally ecosystem by providing an incentive for people to recruit developers to work on our bounties.

A Yes vote for this proposal would accomplish the following:

  • Establish the “Developer Recruitment Program”
  • Move 30,000 $RLY from the Community Treasury into a new wallet to fund the program
  • Allow for rewards to be paid out under the above conditions.
  • If the program is successful, an additional 30,000 $RLY will be moved from the treasury into the designated wallet for this program.
  • If the entire 60,000 $RLY becomes exhausted, a new proposal will be required for additional funding.

Pool should be bigger: 100k

As I also mentioned in Discord, I also think this needs to be timed with API updates so more robust products can be built.

Knowing dates of releases will help us better organize proper dev-targeted marketing to participate in a structured format, such as a hackathon across a certain number of dates. Completing a project during such a hackathon will result in a significant RLY grant per dev. Additional prizing for best in show type products.

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I agree with a larger reward pool, and wonder if the funds wouldn’t be better used to directly incentivize developers themselves. My thinking is that it is unlikely that someone in the community has been sitting around with a solid referral waiting for this incentive, so it might not get us any closer to getting this work done.
The team might try reaching out to the relevant Developer discord channels to post 1 or 2 top priority jobs, and also to learn a bit more about market rate and how the $RLY bounties stack up. Seem pretty light at the moment, but I have no idea of the time/skill required for the various bounties.

Instead of the set $RLY bounties, we might consider empowering Phelpsgg with broader discretion to negotiate with a dev and meet out the rewards accordingly. This will give you more flexibility to get the most pressing Dev work done without needing to manage a referral scheme.

So, I support the larger fund, but think you should simplify the allocation and consider 100% to devs.
I’d also suggest listing the ~$ conversion alongside the RLY amount when advertising for those you might lose when not listing a amount directly in the post.

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Did this get approved?

If so, what is the current need?

We actually have the opposite problem now - more devs than available bounties. We recently had a staff shake up and we’re getting back into the swing of things.

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