New Ambassador Proposal and General Clubhouse Updates

Rally has been growing a ton in the Clubhouse and business influencer spheres. This should be obvious to Rally community members. All of this initial success is directly attributable to the work done by Rally advisor Jeremiah Owyang. Here are some quick updates from the past ~6 weeks:

  • 20 creators launched - including top tier folks / strong performers like Bomani X, Ed Nusbaum, Doctor Sohaib, Matty Mo ($ART), Gary Henderson and many others
  • Major Clubhouse coin launch events - Have hosted some of the largest rooms in Clubhouse to launch new Creator Coins and will continue hosting weekly events to drive interest and awareness of Rally
  • Creator Success development - Developing and collating creator use cases, knowledge sharing on private creator calls and targeted Discord servers, and more

Jeremiah is already committing 20 hours per week amidst his other projects and so we’ve been pushing him to find an ambassador to support him in driving new creator signups, co-hosting of events, and continuing to drive creator success and new use cases. We’ve been talking to Vrajresh Balaji for some time now and think he is the perfect fit for this role. I’d like to submit a Snapshot proposal in the next few days with the following details:

Vajresh Balaji is a recent Math and Economics grad writing a book about Fintech. He is an early Clubhouse user and has tracked the app’s user growth. His work has been referenced in Wired, Forbes, and Seeking Alpha. He will use his experience with social audio content creation and data analytics to run Rally events on Clubhouse and support the Creator Success program.


  • ~20 hours per week time commitment
  • Progress directly reviewed by Mahesh Vellanki, and managed day-to-day by Rally advisor Jeremiah Owyang
  • 6 month initial term, community has ability to terminate engagement at any time


  • Work directly with advisor Jeremiah Owyang to support Rally activities on Clubhouse
  • Support new audio creator and business influencer acquisition
  • Support launched creators with “Creator Success” programs on Discord, weekly calls, Clubhouse events, etc
  • Host or co-host Clubhouse events with Jeremiah, Mahesh, or other Rally core team
  • Monitor Rally narrative within Clubhouse and participate in key conversations
  • Provide data analytics support, both for audio creator / business influencer verticals, as well as other Rally creators more broadly


  • 4,500 USDC per month
  • 10,000 RLY per month (advisors pool)

As part of this discussion, Vrajesh will also post a selfie video soon introducing himself to the community and explaining how he can add value.


As a side note, I would like to use this thread to also provide a quick update on Danilo, the only other advisor we’ve brought on aside from Jeremiah. Danilo has been fantastic and brings a great rolodex, however Rally does not appear to be a good fit for the crypto/defi trader communities that he specializes in. We learned this after approaching or directly pitching a few dozen prominent crypto/defi trading creators and communities.

This is largely due to the fact that these types of crypto influencers are so wealthy from lucrative exchange deals, and their crypto trading profits, that they are not interest in typical creator monetization tools. Many of them run paid Telegram groups that generate hundreds of thousands or millions in annual income, so they are simply not motivated. Additionally, many don’t view themselves as creators with fans, but rather educational hubs that charge hefty subscriptions to users. Rally’s current set of offerings are not geared towards these folks, but this could easily change in a few months.

As such, we will maintain a close relationship with Danilo in case we want to re-enter this market, but cancel his monthly retainer for now. Just want to reiterate that working with him has been a pleasure and he has provided valuable feedback to us as it relates to this very unique segment.


Mahesh- Thank you for the introduction.

Hi all,
I look forward to working with the Rally Community. Here is my short intro video:

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I highly recommend Vajresh. He’s well-versed in the social audio landscape, understands creators, is data-driven, and has been a source-of-truth as I built out some of the initial plans for our strategy. He’s also crypto-native, working on projects within the space, and has written on DeFi. He’d be an excellent addition to the growing team.


I’m supportive! Clubhouse is such an exciting early platform to be investing Rally resources into, and looking forward to working with you

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