Proposal - $ALEX Masmej as the first Rally Ambassador

Hi everyone! My name is Alex Masmej, a french guy who did the first ever personal token sale on Ethereum. I love Rally for two reasons:

  • it isn’t using tokens transactionally and instead fully embrace the decentralized ownership economy framework
  • it prioritizes UX to onboard as many people as possible.

I have already encouraged Life of Luba and Nicole Huesman, two social media influencers in tech with large followings, to create their token exclusively on Rally. I helped them understand the concept and guided them through how they could use it, and I’ll make sure their tokens are live ASAP.

I think I could do 5 a month like this.

My proposal is to receive $250 of $RLY token for each referral I make, disbursed monthly to alexmasmej.eth, because I do more than simply refer:

  • explain social token
  • submit proposals
  • guide them with use cases
  • share on Twitter (where my growing following already know and is bullish on social tokens because of $ALEX)

Technically, if I refer 5 creators on Rally, I would be awarded 21,000 $RLY tokens at today’s price, in addition to creators’ tokens bonuses.

I’m proud to be crafting the Ambassador role on Rally by being the first, and I’m sure I won’t be the last.

My question: what KPI should I set for people I onboard? I want to make sure I onboard the right people on Rally, and not be considered to fill in 5 just to make money. Nonetheless, I don’t want creators tokens KPI, because I can’t control how well they do. The best strategy is to onboard as many of the right kind as possible, and hope some will become extremely successful. More shots on goal.

Should they have large audiences? An innovative use case? I have at least another dozen crypto-adjacent people on the verge and I think I can be the push to sign up to Rally.

Thank you for reading! Will read a few comments & put up on Snapshot if you all like it.


Great overview, Alex. In this early phase of the network, KPIs are still being figured out. But at a high level one of the most important KPIs for Rally Network, and thereby a creator, is transaction volume.
We’ve been thinking about three creator tiers - those that in the first month after launching can reach $5k, $10k, or $25k+ in transaction volume. Thus it’s not necessarily about audience size. That said, we’re also still experimenting so would love to see interesting experimentation / use cases as well.

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I’m not sure what a KPI measuring this would be but I think the idea of guiding new creators with use cases would be extremely powerful. Assuming you’re working from a list of quality known use cases, some sort of adoption threshold against that list could be interesting; or possibly an approach that helps build/expand a list of quality use cases with particular emphasis on identifying new, innovative use cases.

This is interesting.

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I agree!

@mvellank - Using a tiered approach and giving additional rewards for hitting various milestones is a great idea. My concerns come down to how to track it? There would have to be an automated system in place for sure, and a dashboard for inviting creators, viewing referral status, seeing rewards, etc.

I’m going to monitor this thread for a few more days, then I’ll chat with development about this.