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Branding, logo & marketing page for RLY Ecosystem DAO.

Gen Z meets Finance.
The Vision for RLY Ecosystem DAO brand will be clear, with strong CTR and a design made by Gen Z, for Gen Z. The marketing page will represent a brand that radiates the values of a respected community such as a shared purpose, common objectives and trust.

People get confused in the Rally ecosystem. What is a clear difference between Rally the platform, Unite, Superlayer and RLY Ecosystem DAO?

And how can the RLY Ecosystem DAO help developers to govern and distribute a periodically refreshed budget for the benefit of the RLY Network?

So how do we design a brand, logo and a website that radiates the values mentioned above in “Gen Z meets Finance” vision, and solve the problem of the confusion in the Rally Ecosystem and the usage of RLY Ecosystem DAO?

Y2K Design is the newest Gen Z trend, and it’s here to stay. The top TV shows (Euphoria, Mr. Robot), most popular video games (Fortnite, Roblox), and reality television all contain trends of Y2K, such as tight or shiny clothing, silver or gold makeup, Oakleys or big sunglasses, gradients and Blobitecture. Y2K Design is essentially bringing the past and the future together, by creating futuristic logos in a retro style - manifesting in loud colors, ultramodern and wavy lines, and a certain laid back attitude. As an example, we see a lot of the old 90s filters over new age images with vibrant colors. Think the first edition Apple Desktop Colors and curves, the first Pokemon game navigation bar with a sprinkle of the first 3D creation stickers on MySpace.

Gen Z designers will combine the core values of this new Y2K feel to create a page that will inspire the longing to want to join the RLY Ecosystem DAO. It’s a design that looks effortlessly cool.

The design will be in Y2K vibrant colors, and navigation will be reminiscent of Gameboy style 90s Pokemon - so in UX structure terminology, a “Gen Z meets Finance” design that requires the CTA’s to be above the fold, but not centered (as most CTA’s are on marketing pages). As this page is Gen Z design, the CTA’s are always placed on the right side of the page or right bottom corner of mobile, in line with the CTA placement of most popular Gen Z apps. The CTA’s for RLY ecosystem DAO marketing page will be the following:

  • Connection Forums
  • Engineering Docs
  • Discord/Twitter URLs

SUB CTA’s (menu bar and second fold)

  • Whitepaper engineering
  • The difference and overview of the 4 other associations.
  • Governance section
  • Partnerships and sponsored projects / case studies
  • How To section in Grants

Special Y2K design icons will be made for each CTA listed above, and the buttons will be set in a special design that compliments the aforementioned values. The aim is to emit a trusting and familiar feel to the gaming design of the site, so that you feel as though you’re already part of the community. Placement + colors + chill design will evoke the emotion to reach out to the community via the CTA for the connection forums.

The design and structure of the pages and CTA’s will help with the simplicity of the RLY Ecosystem DAO and to support the solutions offered by the Ecosystem. A step-by-step animation image will also show the difference between the 4 other associations, and the “how-to” process that takes place within the Ecosystem itself. A simple text structure below the fold explaining the Ecosystem, along with a visual example, will bring the page full circle - by describing exactly how the Ecosystem works and where the website visitor can place themselves within the system (imagine a “you are here” navigation image). A clear message on top of the page will outline RLY’s mission statement of providing grant funding to projects, and operational support for early stage DApps. The headline will be supported with a sub-copy highlighting the community values, and lead the website visitor into the first CTA for the connection forum.

The results of this brand design, logo and page structure will be shown in a high CTR%, avg visit duration, site rank, engagement, and of course, increase in submissions.

Technical Integration

  • how to integrate RLY

  • timeline

  • Github option

Product will be a new brand logo, marketing page with a UX friendly interface and backend with easy log-in interface for RLY, timeline executed below under progress.

Kanye West - Ecommerce websites for Yeezy

Kim Kardashian - Website & design for KKW Beauty

Travis Scott - Documentary website & design

HBO / David Benioff (Game of Thrones) - Marketing & PR

Sagafilm (Interstellar/Star Wars) - VP of Marketing

Split project into two phases:

Phase 1: Brand

Week one: kick-off meeting, data gathering and brand identity research with RLY ecosystem DAO members.
Week two: start of brand creation, colors and first drafts.

Week three: second week of brand creation and first drafts of the website.

Week four: brand book & guidelines designs.

Week five: Send brand book & guidelines for approval and work on notes.

Phase 2: Marketing page

Week six: Wireframe & funnel drafts

Week seven: Insert design and structure page

Week eight: Send over first draft of page & funnels

Week nine: Work on final feedback of the finished site.

Week ten: Launch marketing page with new branding and work on revisions.

Alda Karen Hjaltalin - Managing Director

Guada Stewart - Creative Director

Grant Request $

$20,000 USDC + 100,000 RLY

USDC used for operational expenses. RLY held in treasury as agency works across consumer web2 and web3 for partnership alignment.

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Hey @Alda we reviewed this on the DAO call, will coordinate to have you join the call May 5th to chat more

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Thanks @Alda. It’d be great if you can provide any links to your agency and/or prior work? Looking forward to meeting you on Thursday.

Of course @stephenchou, here are some links below:

@stephenchou links cont’d (as new users can only post two links)

Hi @Alda,

It was great meeting you today. The reviewer team and myself appreciate you for taking your time to join in and discuss about your proposal in greater detail. We will keep you informed as we continue to review other marketing proposals.