Proposal: Collaborate with CommunityBuild


CommunityBuild helps incredible Web3 founders and teams with full-stack community building, growth and management, focusing on building ownership-driven communities through our vibrant community of incredibly talented individuals from all over the world.

For our clients: CommunityBuild helps founders from the get-go, strategizing and planning the best narratives and communities that are aligned with the long-term visions and goals of the product and team. Post this, CB along with our community and an incredible team of contributors and moderators takes care of end-to-end community management and growth for the teams.

For our community: Through programs like #CommunityExplorers and #UniversityExplorers we are building a community of incredibly talented individuals from all over the world, and bringing opportunities to #ContributeandEarn with the best Web3 companies. Our community gets rewarded native project tokens and bonus $CB rewards.


We believe Web3 Founders are building some of the most revolutionary products we’ve seen to date, but the biggest challenge these founders face is building authentic communities with true ownership.


CommunityBuild is an organization that helps early-stage Web3 teams build ownership-driven communities through our in-depth understanding and expertise of Web3 psychologies and paradigms.

Our goals are to onboard at least 30,000 new community leaders and contributors to Web3 in the next 3 years and help at least 100 Web3 teams and founders build beautiful, authentic and long-term communities.


Initially we are building out our early community and program offerings, post which we will launch a product that integrates all of our community and offerings, a product that will be built along with our community.

The product is envisioned to be a dashboard that connects the best Web3 teams with top Web3 contributors globally. Rally will receive free access to the dashboard for a set period as an early supporter.

Validation and Progress

Since our launch in March 2022, CommunityBuild has worked with 8 highly innovative clients and helped them with end-to-end community growth, management, strategies and also external marketing support on platforms like Twitter.

We believe in the long-term success of our clients, and CommunityBuild has generated considerable revenue in the form of pre-seed/seed tokens or NFTs from the different clients we work with.

Our Milestones for the next 6 months include:
→ Onboarding at least 10,000 community leaders to the Web3 space and creating an equal amount of jobs
→ Work with 10-15 of the most innovative and incredible founders who can revolutionize existing Web3 paradigms, and help them build authentic, beautiful communities
→ Launch an all-in-one dashboard for our Community to #ContributeAndEarn to our portfolio clients


What sets CommunityBuild apart from other Contributor Connecting platforms is our strong Asia presence and unwavered focus on building long-term communities. Our team members have experience building grassroots communities for huge teams like Polygon, and we help founders find the best community fit for their visions.


100K RLY and your expertise


CommunityBuild has taken 0 funding to date and we are completely bootstrapped so far.

We believe Rally is an incredible Web3 team and this highly aligns with our vision of supporting Top Web3 teams. The requested funds will help us work closely with the Rally teams and support community and ecosystem growth for Rally for a period of one month.


We’d like to invite the Rally Community to take a look at our vision, join our communities and share any kind of feedback that you may have for us, be it positive or negative.


  • Arun Philips - Founder
    Formerly Head of Community and Marketing at Polygon, played a key role in setting up the early community and the rebrand from Matic to Polygon
  • Vidhi Chheda - Head of Projects
  • Girish Murali - Community Leader
  • Vivek Ranjan - Community Leader
  • Junaid Theba - Head of Design

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