Proposal: Commission research through Messari Protocol Services

Summary: This is a proposal for RLY Network to commission an initiation of coverage report, via Messari Protocol Services. This would serve to better inform the crypto ecosystem what RLY Network is building and why it matters.

Abstract: In an effort to scale the amount of quality, long-form research for the community, we are proposing RLY Network commissions research reports through Messari’s Protocol Services. This would provide a comprehensive overview of RLY Network and how it fits into the social token landscape and web3 more generally. The report will touch on major KPIs and fundamental usage metrics while also discussing the token mechanics and how value flows through the system.

These reports would live as free resources on Messari and would be distributed through our newsletter (210k subscribers) and various social channels.

Motivation: Crypto suffers from information overload. The number of innovative projects is increasing at an exponential rate making it difficult for even the most active participants in the space to stay informed. While projects can help provide information on how the protocol works, there is substantial benefit from analysis contextualizing how it fits into the broader crypto landscape.

There are several research firms (Messari included) that have analysts writing about projects they find interesting that then live behind a paywall. However, we believe given the open-source nature of crypto there should be more freely available research which is why we work with over 100 DAOs and grant programs to fund quality research as a public goods initiative.

Specification: The report will follow our “Initiation of Coverage” format that we have done for several projects including:

Before getting started, we will send over a report outline to members of the team to see if there are any areas in particular they think we should delve into more. After that our team will complete the report which will live as a free resource on our site and be distributed through our newsletter and various social channels.

The total cost will be an upfront payment of $25,000 payable in stablecoins.

Benefits: The benefit of the report would be increased knowledge and awareness of RLY Network for the larger crypto community. The exposure RLY Network would receive through this report would help attract more users, developers, and investors who are more likely to allocate time and money to provide value to the overall network after being more cognizant of the material developments going on.

Looking forward to hearing any and all feedback from the community!


Hello J! Thank you for the proposal - we’re excited to learn more about Messari Protocol Services. We will review as part of our reviewer meeting on Friday and will follow-up with any feedback shortly after.


Hello J, the Rally Ecosystem DAO team is traveling to and attending SXSW in the next two weeks so we will review as a team on March 25th. However, we will posting questions/comments individually on your proposal in the meantime. Thank you again for submitting to the Ecosystem DAO!

Thanks for the update! Will keep an eye out for any further questions/comments in the meantime :slight_smile:

Hello J,

  1. Can you please let us know how many reports will you be doing?
  2. Can you please let me know how different your report will be compared to this website and current RLY Ecosystem whitepaper?
  3. Will this be a dedicated RLY report or a newsletter talking about other projects or both?
  4. What is the timing of the report? How long would it take? When can we start the process?

Thank you,

Sorry for the delay - to answer your questions:

  1. It would be 1 report
  2. It’s different from a website description and a whitepaper as it’s concisely describes what RLY is building and why it matters while also digging into the token mechanics in a more digestible manner. It better contextualizes within the broader crypto/social token landscape while also getting it in front of nearly a quarter of a million crypto professionals.
  3. It will be a RLY dedicated report and newsletter (see below)
  4. From the time we get started it’s typically a 4-6 week turnaround after aligning on the exact scope. Our team will build out a lightweight outline for you to review and add/amend in case there are certain facets you’d want our analyst to delve into more
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Thank you so much, J! We will send this to our team and advise accordingly!

Hello J,

  1. Can you please let us know if the report / newsletter will be all-access or for only paid subscribers of Messari?

  2. Can you please let us know if we are able to negotiate the cost? Would you be open to getting paid in full or partially in RLY tokens?


  1. It will be freely accessible and sent to all 220,000 subscribers to read.
  2. We strive to keep the cost the same for all participants to remain equitable but we are open to receiving native tokens (with a 10% premium to cash to account for the added costs on our end)
Proposal Vote: Messari Protocol Services (DAO Reviewers ONLY)
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  • No - Oppose

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Checking in here - What would the next steps be?

cc: @jennifer_tran

Vote was made based on dollar amount request, and falls within the purview of the reviewer team vote.

Vote is 5 yay - 1 no (1 abstained)
Proposal Approved!

@jpurd17 - I sent you a DM on the forum to continue to the next steps.