Proposal: Community Operations Lead

Hi Rally Community,

I would like to purpose appointing a community operations lead.

Currently, the data available for RLY token holders on the development of the network is fragmented across different channels (Forum, Discord, Website, API), and it is very hard to understand the development of the platform and keep track of progress.

I think the digest is great but we need something more robust that covers everything. I believe that a one-time quarterly update to the community can be very effective and improve Rally decentralization, as community members can have a clear understanding of everything going on in the netowrk.

Data that I think is relevant for token holders (not a closed list):

  1. How many new creators have joined the Rally platform (maybe including creator verticals, Twitch, Esports, etc.)
  2. Operational KPI’s - how many holders of creator tokens, traction KPIs, trading on the platform, how many sales of services via creator token, etc.
  3. Treasury expenses paid to community members, major treasury expenses to external vendors
  4. Grants - which projects received grants from the treasury, the status of each project and details, a voice calling for new projects needed to be built on top of Rally
  5. RLY token status (liquidity, listed exchanges, any other relevant information)
  6. Core team updates
  7. Unusual events

I’m guessing there are a lot of additional items that could be relevant and thought of that can be relevant for RLY stakeholders.

I think reporting for DAO stakeholders should be further explored in crypto, and Rally can spearhead this concept forward. It is twice as important on Rally because every creator is also a stakeholder in Rally (as his creator coin value derives from RLY) and they deserve to get a clear and short summary of what’s going on from time to time.

I believe the report should be short and concise, with a clear goal of improving transparency and without any marketing objectives.

Improving reporting can help:

  1. Attract new investors and long term RLY holders
  2. Improve transparency towards community members and creators on top of Rally
  3. Position Rally as a leading DAO (the project is not yet decentralized but to my understanding will be in the future).
  4. Bring more projects and developers that will build on top of Rally

I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on the idea. I don’t have a candidate for this position, but I think if someone stepped up from the community for this role that could be great.



I think this is an awesome idea and would be really valuable to the community. I would love to get involved in any way possible

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I think this is the right type of information and very supportive of finding a solution and funding to take this on. We can support at the core team level, and it’s certainly on our roadmap to produce way more data for the community in software, but happy to support interim solution for the community via manual methods as this is important data


Great proposal.

I agree.
Also, the RallyWiki is a great source of information.
Maybe a “Revision history / Newly added / Recent changes” section could be integrated.

I have also found that Rally data has to be sourced from everywhere and should be centrally available somewhere. For example, we have Canny for feedback, but also this channel. And the Discord. This is all very time consuming, and I consider it admin work to find out where everyone/thenetwork stands.

Hi Idan,

Enjoyed the thoughts behind this post. In current setup, I believe Stephanie and I can take this on and give it some thought and come back with a format to present this and run it by the community to see how we can provide a thorough glimpse into Rally growth on a quarter by quarter basis. Thanks for the post!



Thanks for bringing up these ideas to help improve transparency of governance!

One tool that we can consider to help make governance more transparent/efficient is Boardroom: (Rally is already integrated into Boardroom - check it out!)

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@PhelpsGG Boardroom integration looks awesome. Thank you for integrating this tool, it is definitely great place to understand what’s going on and I’m sure RLY holders will use it a lot.

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