[Proposal] Consumer App RLY/SOL Bridge - Slide

Rally Bridge


Slide - a consumer-friendly bridge between RLY and SOL


Slide is a consumer-friendly UI for the recently released RLY/SOL CLI.


Slide’s vision is to bring consumer-oriented transactions cross-chain. Roughly 50% of blockchain transactions comes from consumer experiences such as blockchain gaming. Slide is building out a series of bridges, pools and incentive models that is designed strictly for a web2 audience. Slide is looking to extend the composability of the Rally network.


  1. Defi bridges are f*cking difficult
  2. Wrapped tokens leave room for vulnerabilities
  3. Bridges (an eventual omnichain native solutions) are needed for the next wave of adoption


Phase 1: GTM is consumer UI for the RLY to SOL bridge

Phase 2: Consumer integration across all chains

Phase 3: Introducing token pool and staking mechanism


Webapp for RLY to SOL bridge

  1. Live Demo GitHub - BridgeBuddies/Slide

  2. Placed in hackathon (https://i.imgur.com/VwDcbkn.jpg)

  3. [Video URL] - demo before and after


Demo Version

  • Ability to swap between Rally and SOL
  • Is a UI on top of the CLI
  1. Have a stand alone site
  2. Integrate wallets into the flow
  3. Deploy to server/heroku
  4. UI Designer/Product launch


  • Build a forked version of dfs-js that supports wallet-signed transactions, which means we’ll need to parallel maintain our forked version in the event there are patches to the functionalities in that package that we use

  • Front-end maintenance

  • Feature release schedule Phase 1-3

  • production ready, built for scale


  1. Keep current flow and paste the seed phrase
  2. Fork the package, tweek package and gives you diretion

Project Kick-off May 18, 2022 - Split project into two phases:

Month 1:

  • Onboarding and Initial Strategy Assessment
  • RLY Ecosystem DAO and RLY Association shares relevant information for Slide to map out product feature roll-out
  • UX Design and testing
  • Engineers rebuild the front-end

Month 2:

  • Outreach to internal and ecosystem customers to approve or counter strategic direction
  • Integrating backend
  • Build out maintenance
  • Scaling platform
  • Onboarding beta users

Month 3:

  • Launch logistics and announcements
  • Directing distribution channels to funnel
  • Scaling self-governance to enter Phase 3


  1. The only RLY-native and SOL UI bridge
  2. Web2 friendly/UI friendly
  3. Direct partnership with RLY Ecosystem DAO and Association resources


Grant Request:

Budget request covers Phase 1 and Phase 2, excluduing Phase 3

  • 100,000 USDC for operational expenses
  • 100,000 RLY for bridge liquidity transactions


Tanzela - software engineer, Reddit
Brian - security engineer, Airbnb
Sri - software engineer, Figma
Natasha - UX designer, American Express
Brian - software engineer, AT&T
Allen - backend engineer, Affinity Payroll
Sydney - lead, RLY Ecosystem DAO

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