Proposal: Core DAO Member Position - Sydney Lai

Hey RLY Community :wave:

Sydney Lai here and I am a current DAO Lead for RLY Ecosystem DAO. I am submitting a proposal to expand my role to become a core contributor at RLY Ecosystem DAO.


Previously I was brought in as a DAO Lead to accomplish:

  1. create and migrate DAO governance and treasury on-chain
  2. coordinate Reviewers on DAO logistical and cultural operations
  3. enable self-governing norms

After weeks of testing and communicating with SuperLayer and the new Rally Network Association team, a pivot of direction for the DAO is needed. I am applying to expand my role into a DAO Core Contributor to strategically coordinate and execute that vision for the greater RLY Community.

To provide context, in the last 4 months we have been coming across grant applications that are off-center of the DAO grant thesis. At this point the DAO realizes that we are coordinating and responsible for initiatives that promote the development and R&D of RLY protocol as almost a defi structure - similar to how AAVE became a DAO in which that community is now responsible for building infrastructure and tooling around defi. Nonetheless the DAO will be able to choose our vertical direction in matching RNA such as gaming and web3 social, etc.

RLY protocol contribution and new tooling is top of mind for us, in the last 3 months alone (April 2022), our 20M RLY (prev at $10M USD value) has seen a 250% change (now ~$3.5M) in our treasury. So Mike and I are actively putting the infrastructure in place to coordinate treasury management for the DAO, despite the DAO’s main purview is to identify projects and issue grants. Therefore, the DAO is now looking for infrastructure, developers and tooling that can extend the integration and utility of RLY’s protocol across consumer defi, consumer “engage to earn” dapps, etc.

Next Steps as DAO Core Contributor:

Pivot: What needs to happen next

  • RLY DAO to pause reviewing projects
  • Reviewers themsleves can decide to
      1. build out the DAO business and review* marketing initiatives
      1. be invited back to review projects once that pipeline is created
  • DAO focused on GTM, marketing and strategy for building out the DAO business

Marketing Contributions:

  1. Strategic partnerships (Recruiting core members, industry partnerships)
  2. Conferences
  3. Brand Development

Strategic partnerships and brand development is currently in motion at the time of writing. Upcoming collaboration and conferences include but not limited to Launch House, Friends with Benefits, etc on June 22nd at 11AM for NFT NYC.

Core DAO Contributor Responsibilities:

  1. Strategic Business Direction for a grants DAO
  2. Core Contributor Recruiting
  3. Front-end marketing to support Amin’s marketing ops deliverables


  1. Strategically identify and recruit 2 new core contributors (non-Reviewers)
  2. Minimize operational debt, help team meet metrics Brand Growth (being measured Twitter followers to 5K)
  • examples is if we are going to 10 conference this year, get at least 100 followers per conference
  • Twitter Spaces if we do 2 a month, coordinate to get 100 followers per event

Immediate Next Steps after this proposal is approved:
Amin and I to coordinate with the community to establish KPIs and North Star. This translates into strategic direction and recuirting efforts, enbaling us to market and grow the DAO.

Role effective until end of Q4 2022 unless otherwise voted out

Suggested Role
Sydney Lai as Level 4 - Core Contributor and DAO Lead

Level 1 - Participates perodically
Level 2 - Reviewers, consisten contributions in working groups
Level 3 - Trusted contributor owning certain working groups
Level 4 - Strategy, Operations, GTM, Principals

Suggested Compensation:
Every month, the Core DAO Contributor position is rewarded 5000 USDC and 1000 $RLY with no performance-based compensation. This can be changed by the reviewers in the future.

I am volunteering to omit my 1000 $RLY Core Contributor allocation as I’m receiving a $RLY grant as the DAO Lead role.

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DAO Reviewers Votes ONLY: Sydney Lai (Core Contributor)
  • YES - In Favor
  • NO - Oppose

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Votes have been casted. Core Contributor proposal is approved!!