Proposal: Core DAO Member Position

Hi $RLY Community,

My name is Amin Iman, and I am a current DAO Reviewer for RLY Ecosystem DAO.

Seeking to bring more awareness to the RLY Network Ecosystem, attached is the proposal on expanding the role as a core DAO Member:

The RLY Ecosystem DAO is run by token holders for the purpose of growing a community driven ecosystem for Rally. The DAO receives 20 million $RLY and $2M USDC on an annual basis, to be deployed by a group of 7 reviewers. This is an annual treasury that now needs to be managed for the benefit of the DAO.
This proposal is meant to describe the challenges that have surfaced, and come up with potential solutions to these concerns.

There are two primary problems with RLY Ecosystem DAO’s current contributor structure.
First – there is little to no exposure about the DAOs grant program in the general crypto community outside of the RLY forum website. Currently, there are very few grant proposals submitted on the RLY Ecosystem DAO forum page. Core Contributor role should help streamline inbound grant applications and provide opportunities for reviewers to spend more time to review startups projects. University and College outreach also suggested towards promoting RLY grant opportunities.

Second - Social media sentiment is low in comparison with top established crypto projects. Outreach should be a committed role that brings Brand Awareness to developers and event organizers. Social Media strategic partnerships should be utilized to increase community engagement on RLY Network (Discourse, Twitter, Discord, etc). Create a Twitter page that is managed by the RLY Ecosystem DAO, with linking Twitter pages of and Network Association. Also, fill in on public speaking opportunities for events sponsored by the RLY Ecosystem DAO.

The reviewers can authorize a Core DAO Contributor position to oversee operations, marketing, and business development, which includes the selection, appointment, and removal of the Core DAO Contributor, as well as providing on the full scope of the Contributor’s responsibilities.

Core DAO Contributor Responsibilities:

  1. Oversee the operational management of RLY Ecosystem DAO outreach via Notion.
  2. Develop proposals for strategic partnerships to help bring exposure to grant proposal opportunities.
  3. Public Speaking on behalf of RLY Ecosystem DAO for events sponsored by the DAO
  4. Perform due diligence on grant proposals submitted on the RLY Ecosystem portal and onboard.
  5. Regularly report to the DAO and overall community on number of grant proposal reviews, subscriber growth on social media

• Focusing on growing DAO → average 3 proposals reviewed per weekly meeting.
• Public speaking – 1 event per month minimum (physical), 2 events per month minimum (virtual)
• Reporting Social Media Analytics - grow to 5K followers on Twitter before end of Q2 2022

• 1 month to create the processes, provide the necessary documentation and structure for role.
• 3 months afterwards and then every 2 quarter (6 months), the Core DAO Contributor is evaluated on communication, grant diligence, and reporting to the reviewers.

Suggested Compensation:
Every month, the Core DAO Contributor position is rewarded 5000 USDC and 1000 $RLY with no performance-based compensation. This can be changed by the reviewers in the future.

Potential Candidate:
Amin Iman
• Current reviewer for RLY Ecosystem DAO
• 10+ years working in the web2 space towards process improvements in areas of operations, marketing, and business development
• Earned 3 education awards from Toastmasters International on public speaking and leadership roles
• Contributor to crypto education rooms on Clubhouse

Additional Resources:

From the reviewers’ call on 2/11 and 2/25, update proposal outline with more specifics. Next steps are to shape the role alongside with @sydneylai. Take feedback from reviewers, and help integrate position with best practices from previous work experiences in other DAOs.


Hey Amin,

This makes sense for your skillset and where we are. Can you help us with more details?

For example, metrics around the deliverables (which events, how many of them, % growth in social) would help us gauge this proposal better.

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@mikexhuang, Thank you for your feedback. I updated the proposal notes based on feedback from reviewers, including which events (IRL and virtual) growth in social, and position responsibilities. :+1: