Proposal: Cryptoversidad

Title: Cryptoeducation for more people, expanding beyond languages.

Our purpose is to: Create high-quality and explanatory videos that guide non-tech and non-financially-literate people into understanding all fundamentals of blockchain technology; main uses, cryptoeconomics and provide them with the right knowledge and tools to help them navigate in the crypto-world safe. And create a community where we can share, discuss, and talk about crypto related stuff.

The problem we are solving is the lack of quality content in other languages, we are starting with spanish and then expand to more languages.
Our product is a youtube channel with explanatory videos about blockchain and crypto topics, covering everything, from complete beginner to advanced.

Integration with RLY: This can integrate with RLY by allowing people to know the project and understand it better once they understand the foundational topics of blockchain and crypto, potentially expanding the community and reach of RLY.

Our timeline: We have already started producing videos, so far we have 3 videos published, and we plan to publish 3 videos per month for the whole year and then 5 videos per month the next year. This is thought to be a long term project that provides quality explanations of crypto topics.

We differentiate from other youtube channels because we will provide fundamental explanations of blockchain and projects, and most channels are just price/news and short -term focused, our content will still be valid for coming years, and the channels that talk about everyday news tend to not provide a complete view of crypto and blockchain topics.

We are requesting $25,000 USD for the project.

Additional info: Here is a mirror entry where we explain the project more depth: Cryptoeducation for more people, expanding beyond languages. Cryptoversidad. — dmars300

For any doubt, comment or something extra, feel free to reply or contact me.

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Hi there,

Can you help us understand, ideally with a detailed roadmap, on how your videos would stand out among the myriad of web3 YouTube channels, podcasts, blogs and even TikToks that are producing content every day?

I would contest that there are already many YouTube channels that do great fundamental education in the space. Starting out a new channel without any previous social media or other platform following also means tough odds.

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Hi there,

Would you be willing to rewrite your proposal? The reviewers met and believe that without any strong traction or differentiation in the media space, we can’t justify giving out a $25K grant. That being said, we are willing to consider a proposal for educational videos that focus purely on the Rally ecosystem (tutorials and such) for a lower grant amount. What do you think?

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