PROPOSAL: Dystopia Labs Summits & Hackathons

Dystopia Labs ( has created a new model for event sponsorships. Companies that have purchased this bulk $250k, 2yr sponsorship package (it comes out to ~$10k sponsorship/event) include: 1inch, Rarible, UMA, Raid Guild, Figment, Mask Network, Ellipti (VC fund), & Harmony. We are reaching out because we’d love to involve the RALLY community in our events & help drive more ecosystem adoption. Specifically, we want to help RLY DAO grow their brand.

Here’s an example of a past event we ran so you can see the content & speaker quality:

The TAM of loneliness is infinite, especially during the pandemic. What started as an educational platform for amplifying voices has evolved into a community growth engine. By utilizing events, we educate, launch, & grow IRL communities in different cities around the world.

One-off sponsorships are a hassle to manage & do not incentive-align projects long-term w/ the event organizer. You are also spending an inordinate amount of $$ instead of just being able to HODL tokens for access (to sponsorship services).

We have an access token called $WGMI that functions like $FWB (Friends w/ Benefits), in that it’s for token-gating events. However, instead of token-gating on the B2C-side for end users like $FWB, we target B2B. Specifically, projects who buy up $250k worth of our tokens ( 4,166,666 $WGMIs) will get access to sponsorship services for 2 years (speaker slot, share edu content, branding, etc). We are committing to organizing 12 summits per year for 2 years (4 IRL summits; 4 IRL hackathons; 4 virtual conferences; total of 24 summits). The value of this is, instead of SPENDING marketing budget, you’re just locking up marketing budget for access. Since this is an access token (ie. you own the right amount, you get access to services) at the end of 2 years you can opt to sell the tokens or continue HODL’ing for on-going event sponsorship access.

At our events, Rally can do talks, panels, or workshops. They can also set challenges and prizes during our hackathons to incentivize attendees to build ecosystem-specific tools or try launching their own social tokens. Rally will have an opportunity to showcase projects in its ecosystem, educate new users, and empower more creators. TLDR; we will be helping RLY DAO grow their brand.

Dystopia Labs has put on 15 summits to date. We’ve had over 449+ workshops and a total of 28,959+ registrants to date across all of our summits. You can see the exact registration & attendee #s of all of our summits on our website (just scroll to the bottom).

It’s only January, but of the 12 summits that we’re organizing this year, we have the first 3 planned out (venue locked down, speakers sourced, and a good # of attendees registered). ETH Austin on March 17th & 18th, ETH Portland on April 7th-9th, and ETH Seattle on July 8th. We are also currently planning NFT Devcon in June w/ Rarible.

Dystopia Labs is a grassroots Web-3-native organization who, for the first 1.5 years of its existence, ran free, high-quality technical summits to support the community. We’ve worked with a number of different projects in the space & strongly believe that content & edu should be free to all.

Hsin-Ju Chuang - Co-Founder & CEO of Dystopia Labs. Venture Partner at Hack VC. Former Head of Growth at Stellar & then Head of Growth at Solana.

Cruz Molina - Co-Founder & CTO of Dystopia Labs. Formerly at Consensys, Truffle, and Opyn.

Grant Request $
$250k in $RLY (it comes out to ~$10k sponsorship/event)

We raised $750k via a SAFE to build an events ticketing platform from angels like Anton Bukov, the co-founder of 1inch Exchange; Seb Audet, the co-founder of Zapper; MetaCartel Ventures; Patricio Worthalter, the co-founder of POAP; Sid Powell, the co-founder of Maple Finance; Jason Lau, the COO at OKCoin & more.

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Hello Hsin-Ju and Cruz, happy to see you both here as I spoke at ETH.Portland and have gone to your ETH. Seattle Meetup (will go to the one tonight as well)! Love all of the work that you are doing with events.

We would love to schedule a date/time with you with our team of reviewers to chat with you more on your proposal. Can you please provide availability next week?

Can you please also answer the following questions?

  1. What are some more detailed examples of events that you can host for Rally?
  2. Can you please break down the $250K request more? Would Rally be a sponsor for your upcoming events? Is there an opportunity for a Rally-focused event(s)?

Hey Jennifer :slight_smile:

And sure, of course! I’m available next Wed (1/26) from 8am PT - noon PT. Can you pick a time and add me to the calendar invite:

  1. Basically, we want to be the events / ecosystem adoption arm of Rally & ensure that they get a lot of exposure. With 12 events per year (for 2 years), Rally will be able to grow their brand reach a lot by doing either talks, technical workshops, or fireside chats with our community. All sessions will be recorded and we’ll share the recordings w/ the speakers after the summit. We’ll also promote it to our email list which is at 28,000+.

  2. Yes, the $250k is for a total of 24 events (12 per year) which comes down to ~$10k per event. And yes, we can discuss doing a Rally-focused summit and/or co-organizing w/ your team.

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Hey Hsin-Ju! Thank you so much for the clarification. I have sent you an invite (and you have already accepted) for 1/26 at 9am PT.

Hey Rally Community,

After some thought, we’ve decided to revise our proposal to $20k. Since it’s our first time engaging w/ Rally, it make more sense to start w/ a smaller package (and then, once you’ve attended our events and see the value that you can get out of engaging with us, we can revisit our bulk sponsorship packages in the future).

We’d like to propose that RallyDAO attend / sponsor 2 of our IRL events: a summit in Austin on March 17&18 ( and a hackathon in Portland on April 7-9 ( By sponsoring, RallyDAO will get a speaking slot (it can be a talk, panel, or technical workshop), branding, we’ll share out educational content about Rally before & after the event. Lastly, you’ll also get the email list of all attendees who don’t opt out. For the hackathon, you’ll be able to set prizes and challenges to get ppl to build on Rally.

Since the summits are located in two geographically different regions, you’ll be able to invite different members of the Rally community to attend, plus focus on different subsets of attendees; general Rally ecosystem members for the summit & the hackers for the hackathon. TLDR; these two events will give RallyDAO a lot of exposure + be a great place for the Rally community to gather and learn.


Hello Hsin-Ju,

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak to Stephen, Amin, and I (Jennifer) last week. We have unanimously voted to approve the initial 20,000 USD in Rally coins to sponsor two events.

  1. Please confirm us for ETH.Austin. We will follow-up on the next summit that we would like to sponsor.
  2. By EOD, I will connect you with Gary and Amin who would like to take charge of brainstorming on topic and format of the talk and securing a Rally DAO rep for the talk. They will also advise of KPIs that the DAO would like to reach in order to consider sponsorship of next summits/events.
  3. We are still getting set up with our accounts - do you have a process on how sponsors pay you?

Please feel free to respond or email me.


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