Proposal: F3STIVAL | a women-led conference to welcome 1000+ women to web3


F3STIVAL is a women-led conference welcoming 1000+ women to web3 that will be hosted in Vancouver BC from July 9-10, 2022 at the Emily Carr University of Art + Design.

Over two days, a full cast of women speakers and educators will discuss topics like ‘wtf is crypto?’ and get hand on to answer questions like “how the f do I setup a wallet?”

Throughout the experience, we will celebrate female artists and performers from around the world through music, movement, and an NFT gallery.

Topping off the event will be a pitch competition where one female-founded web3 company will be awarded a $25,000 investment, funded and decided on by F3STIVAL ticket holders.

As a DAO with the vision, purpose, and passion for creating greater gender equity, Rally’s ecosystem and core offering of a social token is a perfect fit.

All of the event proceeds will go toward our DAO treasury, with a portion allocated to liquidity pools between other tokens on the $RLY ecosystem. In addition, we intend to launch the F3 token onto the Rally network.


Vision: Empower and accelerate female-led innovation for gender equity in web3.

Mission: Create the world’s largest venture capital fund built in Web3 by women to fund female founders.


Women represent 51% of the world’s population; 30% of all entrepreneurs.

At its peak in 2020, less than 3% of all venture capital went to
female-led or female founded companies. And of this 3%, more than 75%
went to funding later-stage companies. Yes, women have to prove
themselves beyond a shadow of any doubt before they are funded by the
same VCs that are writing cheques to male founders with an idea and an
Ivy league education.

Well, Fuck 3.

When we zoom out to the bigger picture, we see that female funders
are 2x likelier to invest in startups with one female founder and 3x
likelier to invest in a female CEO. However, less than 9% of decision
makers at VC firms are women. We need more women funding.

  1. VC firms that increased the number of female partners by 10%
    experienced a 1.5% increase in fund returns each year, plus 9.7% more
    profitable exits.
  2. Women-led funds are up 15x in the last decade.

Today, women aren’t just left out of the decision-making table,
they’re not even allowed in the room. With accreditation requirements of
over $1 million in assets (not including your home) or a household
income of $300,000 and minimum check sizes of $25,000 — participating
in venture capital is virtually impossible for women.


F3 is a community that transforms connects female founders and funders in Web3.

Yes, while there are amazing communities for female founders and funders like AllRaise, ElleVest, and Blu3Dao, we’ve yet to address the pink elephant in the room: getting funding into the hands of female founders.

By becoming a member of the F3 community, you gain access to practical education, meaningful mentorship, funding opportunities, and most importantly - your subscription funds the next female founder. It’s a win-win for everyone. Here is our game plan:

  • Build and educate our community in an IRL event: F3STIVAL.
  • From the proceeds of this event, form the foundation of our treasury.
  • Launch the F3 platform for education, networking, and capitalization on the Rally ecosystem.
  • Continue to build IRL community experiences and onboard new founders and funders.
  • Collect a monthly contribution from DAO members for funding female founders.
  1. Building Community through Education
    Women have inherited systems and processes that were built for and by men. This is what we call history. To meet women where they’re at, we’re going beyond traditional Web3 mediums and building a community through practical education. We’re speaking to them in channels like Instagram, TikTok, podcasts, and IRL — where they call home. We’ve already begun sharing **articles on our Medium publication to break down complex Web3 concepts for our growing community of crypto curious women. We’ll build our community through sharing educational content, such as “WTF is crypto?” and “WTF is a DAO?” articles.

  2. Subscriptions and Token Allocation
    By providing a strong foundation for our community through practical education and meaningful relationship building, we will ask our members to contribute to a monthly subscription. Their subscription fees will pool into a fund that F3 can invest with. Each active subscribing member will be issued an F3 token which provides every holder with rights that revolve around voting on which female founded company we will invest in as a community next. For example, they can decide on the industry they are most excited about, what metrics they want to assess, and what teams they see promise in. Members will be required to vest their tokens to create a fair and safe funding ecosystem for our community. In this way, every female founder becomes a funder.

  3. DAO Governance and Funding Female Founders
    As our community members become experienced with tokens from their subscription, we will completely decentralize decision making by turning it back to our community in the form of a DAO. The members and holders of the F3 token will decide how, when, and why we make funding decisions. This is how we re-write and reclaim her-story.


At F3STIVAL, Rally can do talks, panels, or lead interactive workshops. They can also set challenges and prizes during our hackathons to incentivize attendees to build ecosystem-specific tools or try launching their own social tokens. Rally will have an opportunity to showcase projects in its ecosystem, educate new users, and empower more creators. TLDR; we will be helping RLY DAO grow their brand.

Technical Integration

Rally’s many initiatives to drive the next 100 million of users into Web3 is widely known, celebrated, and appreciated. We look forward to amplifying that effort in a few ways:

  • Bringing more projects, led by women, into the Rally network
  • Introducing 1000+ women to crypto and teaching them how to buy/swap to $RLY
  • Showcase some of the most talented women in the RLY ecosystem, like Project Reviewer, Jennifer Tran (Co-Founder, Mintgate)
  • Offer RLY-sponsored scholarships for women to travel and attend the event
  • Expand our reach within the ecosystem via our community partners like CryptoBabes, Women in the Metaverse, Surge Women, H.E.R.DAO, and beyond!

We intend to achieve these goals by working with Rally’s team on the following initiatives at F3STIVAL:

  • Hosting a Rally-led workshop centered around “how the f do I create a token?”
    • In this workshop, a Rally representative (i.e. Jennifer Tran) can explain Solana, the Rally network, and help women understand the importance of creating token and preserving it
    • Rally representative(s) can also do a walk through of the creation of a RLY token to help women make their own, and teach women how to exchange their tokens on projects within the RLY network
    • Rally can also have the opportunity to give women Rally tokens to explain how to use it as well as the importance of staying within the network
    • The goal is to educate attendees on what a token is, how to create & use it, and the importance & applications of doing it on the RLY network on Solana
    • Overall, this will encourage more women to build on the RLY network
  • Inviting a Rally representative to speak on our “wtf is a token” panel as a part of our cryptocurrency track at F3STIVAL
    • We will invite Rally representatives to discuss topics such as “Tokenization & Consumer Apps” and “Why Crypto is more than just Creators and Influencers”
  • Dropping the ticket value’s worth of $RLY token into each attendee’s wallet at the event
  • Inviting a Rally representative to speak on our Instagram Live + Twitter Spaces, ahead of F3STIVAL on a number of topics that include crypto, web3, DAOs, social tokens, and the blockchain.



  • Sharing across many of our women in web3, non-web3, and academic communities (over 1mill in membership):
    | Boy’s Club | AllRaise | Crofton House | Launch Academy |
    | Blu3DAO | The Forum | Little Flower Academy | Vancouver Economic Forum |
    | Crypto Babes | The 51 | York House | Lighthouse Labs |
    | Crypto Ladies (WEF) | Elpha | University of British Columbia | CodeCore |
    | Crypto Mujeres | EdTechWomen | Vancouver School District | New Ventures BC |
    | H.E.R.DAO | SHEO | Simon Fraser University | City of Vancouver |
    | Surge Women | League of Innovators | Center of Digital Media & Arts | Techcouver |
    | The Bigger Pie | Google Startups for Canada | Emily Carr University | Brainstation |
    | Women in Blockchain Canada | Startup Women Canada | British Columbia Institute of Technology | Frontier Collective |
  • Social: TG, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok
  • Branding on the website, sponsorship deck, and registration page
  • 4 x Tickets (in addition to speakers)
    • If your team is unable to attend, we can give these away in a collaborative social promotion
  • Warm e-mail intro to other speakers and sponsors
    • ConsensSys
    • Ledger
    • Ava Labs
    • 0xLabs
    • DTravel


  • 1 x 45min interactive workshop on ‘How the F do I launch a social token?’ led by a Rally female team member
  • 1 x 45min panel on ‘WTF is a token?’ led by a Rally female team member
    • Track options:
      • WTF is the blockchain?
      • WTF is cryptocurrency?
      • WTF is DeFi?
      • WTF is an NFT?
      • WTF is a DAO?
      • WTF is web3?
  • 1 x Booth in Exhibit Hall
  • 2 x Tickets to speakers’ dinner on Jul 9


  • List of all opt-in emails from the event (1000+ women in web3)
  • Access to all multimedia from workshops + panels
  • Post-event report with attendee demographics, wins, and opportunities
  • Inclusion in an e-mail campaign with unique CTA (ie. giveaway)


This is our inaugural F3STIVAL. Before we even launched, we already received the support of amazing communities like:

In addition to sponsors, speakers, and performers from:

  • ConsenSys
  • Ledger
  • DapperLabs
  • HarmonyOne
  • CovalentHQ
  • Ava Labs
  • 0x Project
  • Gitcoin
  • Flow
  • UMA

And, within 24 hours of launching ticket sales, we had nearly 10,000 views on LinkedIn and 13% of tickets sold.


Our team is small, but mighty. Since the beginning of March 2022 when we all came together to start working on the idea, we locked down the stunning (and poetic!) Emily Carr University of Art + Design as our venue, sourced 25+ amazing female speakers, secured ConsenSys as a presenting partner. To date, we have more than 200 tickets registered, ahead of local community activation.


  • a web3 needed organization
  • women-focused
  • committed to funding women in web3
  • grass-roots, community-centered
  • started in Vancouver, but global in impact
  • all membership fees go to providing education, a network, and capitalization of women in web3
  • empowering every female to become a founder or funder in web3
  • although tickets have an up-front cost, we are returning the value of each ticket to all paying attendees in the form of a sponsored token (possibly $RLY!)
  • our founding team has over 25 years in community building experience, with over 200 events organized and hosted around the world

F3 is actually committing to funding women, in addition to amazing educational resources, networking opportunities, discounts, events, mentors, and much more. Membership fees contribute directly to building the treasury that will go back to fund the members and the businesses they are building. Truly, each founder then becomes a funder. We have team members that will be focused on deal flow facilitation to match funders with founders, especially as they start to scale beyond the grant stage.

Annee Park is a seasoned ed-tech entrepreneur whose work at ProtoHack and SoftServe has landed her the BC Business’ 30 Under 30 Award and Women Tech Founder’s Award for Gaming/AR/VR. Today, Annee is a founder of F3—a community that bridges the gap between female founders and female funders. Annee is also an active DeFi trader across multiple blockchains, author of ‘WTF is X’ – a beginner’s guide to web3, and previously managed global events and experiences at Transak, a fiat to crypto onramp integration for developers. Dedicated to education and gender equity, she believes that web3 is how we will solve the problem of access to funding for female founders.

Valerie Song is a founder of F3—a community that bridges the gap between female founders and female funders. A recipient of BC Business and Hurun Report’s 30 Under 30, Val is a passionate and bold leader who loves growing plants, people, and the planet. As a co-founder of 23-time award winning smart garden brand, AVA Technologies Inc, Val had personal experience raising $5.5M. Given how tough the journey was for her, she’s taken to web3 to make funding more accessible and transparent for every woman involved.

Grant Request $
We are seeking $25,000 USD in sponsorship for F3STIVAL. As a two-day conference, all funding received will be put towards planning and executing F3STIVAL. We expect in-person attendees to exceed 1000, with even more women joining us virtually online for live stream events.

Funding will be allocated as follows:

  • Staffing and security — all volunteers will be provided with an honorarium
  • Speakers Fees — every woman will be paid for her time
    • 24 panel speakers + 2 fireside chats + 12 workshop hosts = 38 speakers
  • Workshop development fees — hiring women to educate our attendees
  • Venue — providing financial support for an iconic educational program in design & arts, named after one of the most celebrated women in Canada: Emily Carr
  • Operations & Logistics — AV, licensing, internet, furniture, etc. ($xx)
  • Food & Beverage — we aim to be nourishing for our attendees in many ways
  • Safe travel & accommodation — we are providing a $1000 stipend to every traveling presenter and performer
  • Child care — every woman will have this provided for, as required
  • All overflow will go towards our treasury to educate, provide meaningful networking opportunities, and capitalize women in Web3
  • As a Partner, please see Rally at F3STIVAL for a breakdown of the sponsorship inclusions


  • ConsenSys - $50k
  • Ledger - $25k (in-kind)
  • DapperLabs - $25k
  • HarmonyOne - $10k
  • Ava Labs - $5k
  • 0x Project - $5k


In addition to becoming a sponsor at F3, we would love to get a warm connect to Nader Dabit from DeveloperDAO, to see if he can share this opportunity with more people that might be interested in building in RLY.

Additional Resources


Annee and Maggie,

Thank you for submitting your sponsorship proposal! The reviewer team will discuss on your draft during our weekly meeting Thursday. We’ll keep you posted!

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Thank you so much, Amin! We are so excited to work together and meet (again!) IRL.


After a brief conversation with Amin, we’d like to address some topics and update our sponsorship proposal to the following:

  • RNA + RLY DAO to co-fund F3STIVAL potentially, in $RLY token

  • RNA’s target audience is on software devs: approximately 25% of F3STIVAL attendees are developers!

  • Super Layer can send one speaker for the “WTF is the blockchain?” panel

  • RLY DAO can send one speaker for the “WTF is Web3 funding?” panel

  • Attendees can receive $RLY as a token on ‘How the F do I setup a wallet?’ workshop hosted by RLY DAO or RNA on both days

  • Funding: $10K from RLY DAO + $10K RNA to match, sponsored through $RLY token

  • Opportunity to host personalized dinner with pitch + NFT founders, by RNA (included in the price)

We are so excited to work with you at F3STIVAL, and can’t wait to hear back!

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F3STIVAL Sponsorship Vote (DAO Reviewers Only)
  • Yes - In Favor
  • No - Oppose

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Hi @f3ventures,

Our DAO reached out to RLY Network Association, and has agreed to match our $10k counteroffer to the event, totaling our contribution to $20k in $RLY token!

We’re placing our vote to finalize the proposal and next steps once vote goes through.


Votes have been placed. Sponsorship grant is approved!