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flexin rewards


flexin rewards


flexin, inc a delaware c-corp transitioning from a traditional web-based SaaS model to an innovative web3 model that is pioneering a new form of athletic skill development called move2earn. as in, for people across the planet who are seeking to develop their athleticism we are giving them cause to do it.


making impossible skills possible

autotelic activity is the ultimate reward

by participating in flexin’s move2earn program the participants will be rewarded with a new path in life that leads to longevity, vitality, and balance. they will have new physical skills and hobbies that they pursue merely for the pleasure of doing them.


two kinds of activity

instrumental activity aims at a specific end product: a carpenter builds in order to produce a house, and a painter’s brushstrokes are directed toward a completed painting.

autotelic activity, by contrast, is pursued for its own sake, often with a sense of internal purpose: the goal of the dancer is to dance. Autotelic activities include those pursued in the spirit of play, such as games which ignite energy and personal passion.

rewarding instrumental activity

the perception of athleticism is the result of accumulating many skills and strengths. in the existing work at flexin we have started with a single focus - handstands. this project will reward people for attempting handstands. for each attempt a participant will receive rewards from the RLY ecosystem which can then be redeemed for IRL fitness equipment. RLY is the way that flexin becomes a rewards hub for fitness skill development.


we have a working model of an athlete uploading video of fitness and a professional reviewing that video. we have a team of engineers, designers, and branders that are behind-the-screens developing the next iteration of the product. rally is core to what comes next.

during our successful first marketing campaign our flexin sponsored athlete kp the specimen cruz promoted a challenge on his instagram. who could do a good handstand? followers dm’ed him video of themselves doing handstands. he selected a winner. winner receives fitness equipment.



our next round of development with rally means that we are doing the same successful challenge and instead rewarding in rally. the winner can decide which fitness equipment they want. our next round with rally means that we are issuing the challenge from simonster, the world’s greatest break dancer, who has 590,000 instagram followers.

our round after that will issue challenge from Georges St-Pierre, the famous mma fighter, to his 4.8 million instagram followers.

technical integration

flexin exercise recognition

using flexin’s API as an oracle it is possible to automatically show the participants their performance in the exercise for the exercises below. they will be rewarded for higher performance. for example, a handstand is scored based on the straightness of the body, determined by the angles of joints. those persons whose body is the most straight, whose joints are closest to 180 degrees, are rewarded highest.

  • curls
  • squats
  • lateral raises
  • lateral lunges
  • push ups
  • knee push ups
  • pull ups
  • superman
  • side planks
  • plank leg raises
  • dolphin planks
  • up and down planks
  • shoulder taps
  • dog taps
  • knee drive
  • stretch to crunch
  • side knee
  • side bend


summer 2022


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currently we have a functioning web 2.0 project. our co-founder peter smith, recently having sold his blockchain dev shop, is actively working to integrate the RLY concepts into the existing product plans.


we focus on the hardest possible skills that humans can perform

simonster’s athleticism


believing is seeing

physical skills are visible. it is not easy to keep going with one’s own self-discipline. we make it easier for a participant to believe in themselves by allowing them to see their progress. beyond that, we reward their progress with the move2earn mechanism.


peter b smith - founder

simon “simonster” ata - co-founder

angel santiago - co-founder

jodi mcdonald - head of operations

kp “the specimen” cruz - first sponsored athlete

grant request

50,000 USD equivalents

funds usage

we will use funds to reward participation and progression


additional resources

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Hello Peter,

Thank you for submitting to the RLY Ecosystem DAO Bounty at ETH.Portland and via the DAO as well. We will review your proposal and provide feedback ASAP.


Hello Peter,

  1. Can you please advise if you still looking to mint your token on RLY Network or use RLY?
  2. Can you please provide a more detailed breakdown of how you plan to spend your grant request?
  3. Can you elaborate more on your tokenomics and token utility? How do you plan to ensure value and demand for RLY?

RLY DAO Proposal Reviewers

  1. Can you please advise if you still looking to mint your token on RLY Network or use RLY?

planning to use RLY

  1. Can you please provide a more detailed breakdown of how you plan to spend your grant request?
    marketing and technology.

for marketing we would like to use $RLY to sponsor creators. creators will be able to reward contest winners with $RLY tokens.

for technology we would use the grant funds to fund development of RLY directly into our web application.

  1. Can you elaborate more on your tokenomics and token utility? How do you plan to ensure value and demand for RLY?

we would like to allow holders of rally to be eligible for lower-priced features and subscriptions in a progressive manner.

the bottom tier of rally holders would be able to access discounts to the paid tier of the application.

the top tier of rally holders would be able to to access the introductory paid tier of the application for free.