[PROPOSAL] Full Belly ART Artist DAO and week long experimental blockchain art event

Title: Full Belly Art

Description: Full Belly Art aims to tip the paradigm of the starving artist on its head and seed cultural capital via a three day art experience on a floating island in late July 2022. Through blockchain technology, we create a novel, participatory connection between artist and observer, inviting and including the observer to co-create and integrate with the art. This blockchain technology also allows for seamless support of creators, giving formerly starving artists a full belly. We aim to create a DAO that will assist artists in using blockchain technology in this way to integrate their audience into their art and help artists support themselves.

Our kickoff event will take place in Ephemerisle, a long standing, week long event marrying social experimentation, creation, technology, and celebration. Since 2009, Ephemerisle has brought thousands of visionaries together onto the waters of the Sacramento delta. This kickoff event will showcase various art projects that implement blockchain technologies, and will end in the creation of a DAO.

Manifesto/Vision: www.fullbellyart.com

Problem: Despite the proliferation of NFT’s, most artists do not understand how to appropriately leverage blockchain technology in their art.

Solution: Our ecosystem acts as an experimental laboratory, library, and artist’s DAO to make these techniques widely available.

Technical Integration

- how to integrate RLY: A Rally coin can exist in congruence with a governance token, allowing Fans to gain access to extra perks in our ecosystem. Each artist will have the opportunity to learn about RLY’s social tokens that will enable them to create dynamic relationships that empower all parties to thrive and participate in the art experience like never before.

- timeline:

6/16 Finalize artists invited

7/16 Finalize technologies for each artist. Finalize equipment

7/23-7/31 Showcase art, create DAO.

Progress: We are in the planning phases of our event.


We are an art collective that educates artists, shares profit, coming together under the mission to eliminate starving artists and give all creators a full belly. We have connections to a lot of independent artists that have been working for many years professionally and are primed to take things to the next level by tapping into the technology of today to support their evolution. Each artist has their own community and by supporting each other we can help spread our work to each other’s audience generating a grassroots network of empowered artists and fan communities connected by web3. Our DAO will be a community where patrons, attendees and artists commingle, deploying grants and other resources to onboard artists into the full belly ecosystem.

Team Members

Shaun Geer is a Web3 consultant, having contributed to many organizations, including Bankless DAO and Bankless consulting:

Jon Connors is founder of Blockchain for Ecology, a non profit impact focused web3 community and cofounder of RegeNFT, the world’s first regenerative crypto art exhibition:

Heidi Petty was the owner of an artist cooperative in Crockett, CA, works in ecologically restorative local government, is an organizer for Ephemerisle and other large events, and is leading community for FBA.

Matty Bovard, aka Dank PHART The Pirate Poet wrote FBA manifesto, is developing an internet a radio station, consults on NFT development, founded and produced a variety of art events where he lives in Boulder, CO and inspires us daily.

Jason Cool is the founder of the Musical Instrument Library that ‘checks out’ musical instruments for free. He has a huge heart.

Tina Saadi is a web3 salesperson and dancer working on business development for FBA.

Grant Request: 1M RLY

Funds: We have one member of our team providing a venue for our event, but other than that we have no funding yet.