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Creators on platforms like Twitch or Youtube are the sole value creators for the platforms. They bring all of the attention to the platforms for the platforms to monetize and in the best case, split revenue. But what about all of the value that they are creation for the company? Taking that into consideration, the best case scenario on Youtube, the platform is keeping more than 95% of all value created. On some platforms, creators can arbitrarily be removed or restricted based on the beliefs they have.


We’re here to change that, and bring more value back to the people who are creating it. Decentralizing the power and decentralizing the wealth creation to all levels of people who participate in a protocol is the future of business in all areas. Building a decentralized protocol means that it’s censorship resistant as well, so no one entity can take away someone’s right to earn an income or their place to voice their opinions even if they differ.

Idea Video:



Website -

  • Create digital events on chain
  • Connect with your audience digitally and earn for engaging!
  • From anywhere in the world, on whichever device


We recently just won a bounty at ETH Denver from Livepeer!

Timeline and milestones

  • MVP - live as of early February
  • Initial Feedback - Looking to get 100 hours of streaming and feedback from my usage and usage of my friends on the platform over the next 2 weeks, (ending early March). One of whom is a Tik-Toker with over 1M subscribers, but is starting to test with a small group.
  • Early Creator/Gamer users - My TikTok friend has a network of friends who are open to trying out our platform. We want to get at least 250 stream hours of test/feedback from them from them by the end of March.
  • First large scale live stream event - In early April, we want to have our first mass marketed live stream event on the platform with my TikTok friend. It will be a live stand up show (as he’s a comedian), live stream gaming or live streamed workout. Our goal with this is to pass 1000 people on a stream.
  • Many Live Stream Events - host a suite of live streamed events throughout April, with the goal of hitting 1,000 hours streamed in April.
  • Imbue DAO - Either do a token Airdop, or a token sale, for the $IMBUE token and sign over all IP to the Imbue DAO in Early May.
  • EOY Goals - 500 creators on the platform, 10,000 monthly streamed hours.

Upcoming Product Releases:

  • Mobile streaming - Allow influencers to stream from the convenience of their phone, and users to view & sign web3 transactions from their phones.

  • NFT event tickets - when a user purchases, or attends a live stream, they receive and NFT ticket in their wallet that can be used for things like accessing a discord channel, or just to show off to their friends. Rally

  • Pay and View from any Chain - if the event is minted on Polygon, the event can be purchased and viewed on Optimism, or Harmony. If the event is minted on Optimism, it can be purchased and viewed on Polygon or Harmony

  • Gas Free events - no need to sign a transaction to view free streams.

  • Custom Streaming - allow creators to input the stream key into a streaming source of their choice to allow for maximum flexibility on streams (OBS, etc.) This will also allow them to integrate Rally features like Stream Elements -

  • Creator Coins - allow users to support their followers even more by purchasing coins and tapping a heart, spending the coins. The top 3 people who donate the most hearts will get a 1 minute 1 on 1 call with the creator after the stream. Rally

  • There can also be exclusive streams that are only available to holders of these creator coin tokens.

  • Subscriptions - subscribe to any user to access all of their streams all the time

Hours spent on project so far:

Hours & funds spent on project so far:

  • 20hrs/wk for 8 weeks - 160hrs
  • My own funds spent so far ~ $5,000


Imbue is the first truly decentralized platform. Everything from the streaming itself (livepeer), to where the event data is held (the blockchain), to where the website is hosted and the DNS is resolved, is completely decentralized.

It will also be the first DAO run streaming platform. There currently isn’t any platform out there that is completely decentralized, and once the IP is signed over to the DAO, the creators will not only receive more of the revenue split than competing offerings, but capture more of the value that they are creating.


$25,000 in $RLY tokens divided up into milestone based releases & your help!

  1. $7,500 immediately available
  2. $5,000 available after 100 different wallet holders of creator coins.
  3. $5,000 available after 500 different wallet holders of creator coins.
  4. $7,500 available after 1,500 different wallet holders of creator coins.


Imbue has been completely bootstrapped today, with only my funds put in.

All of the requested funds will be put into product development, as you can see above, we have a lot to do. :blush:


We would like to invite any and all community members who are interested in contributing to reach out in the comments below or on twitter. Imbue will be a community owned protocol and we will likely do a token sale or airdrop for all members of the community.

We’d like some input on the technical implementations and early user feedback on it!


  • Alex Carrabre - Head of Growth, Presearch // Twitter, LinkedIn
    Have grown Presearch from 200,000 searches a day a little over a year ago to 7,000,000 searches a day and one of the most used Privacy search engines in the space today.
  • Kelvin Kho - contract developer i’ve worked with for 6 months plus on projects with Presearch and on side projects // Github

Additional Resources


Hi Alex! Thank you for your proposal - we’re excited to learn more about Imbue. We will review this as part of our reviewer meeting on Friday and will follow-up with any feedback shortly afterwards.

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Awesome, thanks Amin!

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Hi Alex! Quick update - the RLY Ecosystem DAO team is traveling to and attending SXSW in the next two weeks so we will review as a team on March 25th. However, we will posting questions/comments individually on your proposal in the meantime.


Hello Alex,

Thank you so much for taking the time to present to us! We loved your vision and your ability to develop a well-working livestream app.

  1. Since the RLY Ecosystem DAO focuses on funding projects that will help the entire RLY network, we want you to think more about how you can integrate RLY tokens. Please let us know if you need more help brainstorming.

  2. We also believe that you would also qualify for a grant through the Creator Developer Council (specific for Rally Creator Coins). Let us know follow-up with the team and share your proposal with them.

Thank you,
Jennifer Tran

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Hey Jennifer!

Thanks so much for taking the time to chat! Was a pleasure to meet you all.

  1. For sure! On your website, i can’t seem to find much at all about the RLY token. Would be curious to know how it functions within your ecosystem (similar to ETH on eth blockchain?). I don’t have a good enough understanding of what the RLY token does to know how to integrate it within the ecosystem. Would love to collaborate with you guys to get a better understanding of what the RLY token does, the utility you’re trying to drive for it, and what mechanisms we can build into the platform to drive that.

  2. YES, would love to chat with them!

Thanks again!


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Hello Alex,

  1. Perfect! Michael who was on the call is compiling a list of ideas that we will post soon. In the meantime, you can reference the RLY network website and whitepaper to foster ideas!

  2. Can you please submit this proposal here to the CDC Grant Program as well? CDC Developer Grant Program -

  3. When you can come back with how your project will specifically benefit RLY as a whole, we want to consider you for an additional grant with RLY Ecosystem DAO Grant Proogram.


Thank you Jennifer!

Just applied to the CDC grant program!

What i am gathering from the whitepaper is the main value accrual for the $RLY token is through users purchasing creator tokens. Creator tokens are, in a sense,’s version of smart contracts and the $RLY token is the main way for users to interact with those tokens. Seems like it is also used to incentivize active communities through CAR.

If the main utility is onboarding new users to interact with creator tokens and that is how you are thinking to promote the use of $RLY, then what i have proposed above with the use of creator coins i think would make the most sense as it would drive users to create an account, purchase $RLY and use $RLY to purchase creator coins.

Could be wrong and happy to hear other ideas too!


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Alex, thank you so much for the thoughtful response!

The goal of the RLY network is to support the entire ecosystem, not just the specific creator coins. If you could support both (through CDC grant) and any other creator tokens (or really any tokens) created through the RLY Network not on the, I do see a viable path for the RLY Ecosystem DAO to support you.