Proposal: Odyssey DAO

Title: Odyssey DAO

Description: Odyssey is a learning DAO offering free educational resources. We currently have various guides on the Web3 ecosystem. We launched a People of Web3 page to show people’s journey into this space. We are in the process of launching the Companies of Web3 section with company profiles.

Manifesto/Vision: A learning DAO creating quality, free web3 education to onboard the next 1 million people to Web3.

Problem: Many people have valuable skillsets and are curious about Web3, but don’t have a trusted place to start. We want to be the place that can help guide people into this space safely and give them the tools to participate in the ecosystem as DAO contributors, employees, investors and active users of protocols.

We have heard from companies and DAOs about the challenges of onboarding in the Web3 space. Rather than companies starting from scratch with their own content, we want to be the place that companies can send their employees, and DAOs can send new contributors to get up to speed and learn. Our community is inclusive and our active discord is a place to ask questions, share resources and learn from each other. We have held events open to the public on topics such as wallet security and a panel of Web3 folks to talk about their Web3 journeys.

We believe that Odyssey is the best place to start your journey into Web3 and we want to feature companies and DAOs that would interest these curious new folks in this space.


We will use the grant to:

  1. Complete our free learning paths for DeFi, NFTs, and DAOs: Odyssey - Learning Pathways
  2. Do a deep dive profile on Rally in our upcoming web3 company section:

We will leverage our community and network to promote our profile on Rally. We would be happy to work with the Rally team to tailor our profile to your needs. We want to introduce Rally to new folks in the Web3 space.

Progress: We launched in December 2021 and have already reached a 15K audience (social, email) and have a community of 5,000+ tech professionals.

We won Product Hunt’s 2021 Golden Kitty Education award.

Differentiation: There is a lot of Web3 education content out there, but much of it is disorganized and not approachable for beginners. Odyssey is offering concise education guides to help onboard folks into Web3. We have published paths on NFT, DeFi, DAOs and Web3. We pair these guides with learning sessions open to the public.

We are in the process of translating all of our guides to other languages as well.


Odyssey is led by:

  1. Peter (Product lead at Reddit, Ex-Twitch, Meta)
  2. Mark (On Deck chapter lead, ex-Amazon PM)
  3. Wenda (Ex-product at top ecommerce in Southeast Asia)
  4. Louie (Product in EdTech)

We have a strong core contributor base of 25+ people who work on content, design, growth and community building.

Grant Request $: We are seeking a grant of $10,000 USD to fund this endeavor.


Hi Alan, thank you for submitting your proposal. Just reviewing the website and Product Hunt page, congrats on your education award.

We would love to schedule a date/time with the leads with our team of reviewers to chat with you more on your proposal. Can you please provide availability?

Also, could you please also answer the following questions:

  1. Can you post additional links for references, including social media links? (Twitter, Product Hunt, etc)
  2. What are some more detailed examples of activities that you can promote for Rally?
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Thanks for submitting and congrats on the success to date. Piggybacking on @amin’s note - I would be curious to hear more about how you could potential tailor some of your offerings to either feature or encourage experimentation with the RLY Network and/or some of it’s apps like, etc.

Hi Amin and Gary!

Thanks for the quick responses and questions! I am chatting with our team leads and will follow up with some availability to have a chat.

Here are is our Twitter page and Product Hunt announcement.

We are becoming the first touchpoint for a lot of folks in the crypto space. Our founder, Peter Yang, has a creator economy blog and is advocating for ways that crypto can help creators. It could be helpful to introduce these folks to Rally and show how to creators can be empowered by launching personalized coins and NFTs with Rally rather than trying to build from scratch. We are flexible in terms of the content on our guides, but could do a profile on a creator who has built a more sustainable community through Rally. io.

We would be happy to discuss any ideas you all might have as well. Thanks again for your time

Hi @alan - Thanks for the proposal.

I chatted with Peter this past Friday about a potential collaboration between and Odyssey DAO to create a space within Odyssey DAO that is tailored towards creator education (helping creators understand all of the tools and key decisions they need to make when entering Web3). Specifically, we were interested in this space being a learning hub for creators that was sponsored by but focused on the broader Web3 space rather than making it specific.

I realize this is a separate initiative than what you proposed above but thought I would share as I don’t want wires to cross.

Hi Bremner! Thanks for letting me know, this sounds like a great potential collaboration. I spoke with Peter and he is going to take it from here rather than having two different initiatives. Thanks for your time and looking forward hopefully working with you folks!