[Proposal] Research for PolicyDAO

Title: PolicyDAO

Description: A new DAO formed to run a public relations campaign on behalf of the crypto industry and DAO ecosystem.

Manifesto/Vision: We are shifting the public perception of the social tokens within DeFi, raising awareness and countering disinformation to improve positioning for regulators and increase trust and reach with the industry.

Problem: The media and the public do not understand the industry and especially the opportunities beyond Bitcoin. Because that is the conversation in the news, some of the public and policymakers are calling for regulations on the industry that could make creation and sharing expensive or impossible.

Solution: Policy DAO will work with RLY DAO and its members with the conversation to counter misinformation and educate the media, the public, and regulators about the opportunities and the benefits of crypto.

Product: The product will be a DAO that will establish the message and policy goals, media train spokespeople and produce ads to build a voice for DAOs and shift public and policymaker perspectives. What this will look like is putting RLY DAO and it’s members on the same stage as CNN (example) and other national news outlets to influence the regulation of the social token space, this will allow more builders to adopt and build in the social token ecosystem.

RLY Integration: Rally will be funding research into consumer and policymaker attitudes and beliefs around crypto, NFTs, and DAOs. At the end of the research, Rally members will have the chance to sit in on a briefing of the findings and those findings will lay the ground work for the DAO’s advocacy for the industry.

For a detailed explanation of each deliverable, please see the deck attached in the additional resources. Each of these deliverables is listed in the month it will be initiated. Some deliverables, like the poll and website development may stretch slightly beyond the hard stop of a month. That will not impact cost.


  • Foundational research to create a data-backed map of the landscape of public and policymaker beliefs, understanding, and attitude on crypto and DAOs. This will lay the foundation of strategy and messaging for the coalition. Rally members can have the opportunity to media train and participate in news interviews and public awareness ads.
  • Deliverables:
    • Management ($25k)
    • In depth interviews ($15k)
    • Geopolitical intelligence ($40k)
    • 360-Landscape analysis ($20k)
    • Audience analysis ($20k)
    • Data-Driven media list ($20k)
    • Public perceptions poll ($80k)

Validation: MetaCartel has joined the DAO along with others in negotiation stage to join.

Progress: So far, the DAO has been established. The next step will be a round of research to establish a data-backed lay of the land and strategy, and with that in hand, the DAO will begin to introduce its messages to the public through the news, events, and advertising.

Differentiation: There are groups focused on the issue of regulations. This specific effort will represent the DAO ecosystem, which has different interests than more centralized companies.

DAO Launch Members:

  • Terra Setzler - PR and political expert
  • MetaCartel - grant giving DAO promoting web3 builders

Grant Request: $220,000 USDC in $RLY

Funds: Raising $5M with $10,000 committed

Help: Other DAOs in the DeFi and token space wanting access to national awareness opportunities

Additional Resources: More details on the specific deliverables can be found here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NqhHfxUaipWTbVYbUla3lS-IM061DaHM/view?usp=sharing

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This looks very interesting! Out of curiosity, what kind of metrics or KPIs do you typically use to measure how successful PolicyDAO will be at these various deliverables?

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Thanks for sharing the proposal - clearly potentially value add for the broader crypto community. Can you share more about your fundraising approach? You mentioned wanting to raise $5M and have $10k committed (presumably from MetaCartel) - do you have a pipeline? Any update on progress of other discussions?

Similarly - what happens if you’re only able to raise $250k or $1M? How does that impact your approach?

Thanks for the submission. Can you elaborate a bit on:

  • Background and history of the Policy DAO team
  • The use of funds out of the $5M?
  • How many other DAOs do you foresee Policy DAO working with?

Great question! Those KPIs depend on the type of deliverable.

For the project-fee based items like the research, the deliverable will be the final report with the items listed in phase one on slide 11 which will be fully scoped at the start and which PolicyDAO members can give input on. Same with things like video and content development.

Events, paid media/ads, and website development will have performance-based KPIs like attendees, digital reach, digital engagement, letters sent into policymaker offices, clicks, time on the site, and watch times. Those will be reported on a monthly basis along with campaign updates. PolicyDAO members can join those monthly reporting meetings and add input on direction and ongoing activities.

Finally, on day-to-day activities, like media trainings, earned media engagements, and management these will be measured in absolute volume and effectiveness, and will also reported on during the monthly reporting meetings. So, for example with earned media, we would be able to organize 8 interviews/press briefings each month for DAO members to result in 4 media hits (with likely a much larger wave upon public launch).

If it would be helpful, I could list out specific KPIs for each activity listed on slide 11.

Our primary approach is through meeting with DAOs and EthDenver. Pipeline are major DAOs and Defi players in the ecosystem. Current in the pipeline are conversations with two potential leads at $1M each.

We are expecting members to join on a rolling basis and funding to come in on a rolling basis. To start, we’ll be doing the foundational work first of research to map the public and policymaker landscape which can help prepare the community for the oncoming fight even if it stays at that. Additionally, we’ll be working off of that to build core messaging to highlight the benefits of crypto and DAOs that would speak to policymakers but also to everyday people.

From there, if we are seeing funding stay more restrained, we’ll work on media engagement that would fall within the core management work to influence the conversation around crypto and DAOs, and hold on the large production and paid media elements like events and ads that would be amplifying the reach.

After that, as funding comes in it will be scaling the content and paid media to have greater reach and visibility. The difference between $1M and $5M will be the ads reach and who we are able to engage. This could go as far as ads engaging supportive people across the country to submit public comment on proposed regulations or reach out to their elected officials to support the industry.

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For the team, the core person right now is myself with the help of other web3 native people from within the DAO ecosystem. Our target to seed the DAO is 5 partners, however, we want to build a community and bring in voices in from across the ecosystem.

For the specific use of the $5m, the first $2m are mapped out on slide 11 and, following that, the additional funds will help to scale content and paid media to grow the reach and engage more people or deepen engagement of core audiences.

My name is Terra Setzler and I specialize in political PR for tech and finance companies on public positioning and regulatory management. I know this fight in and out as I have worked on both sides fighting both for and against regulations of companies like Airbnb, Lyft, Tesla, and JPMorgan Chase. I have previously won awards like the 40 under 40 for my work on short-term rental regulations that limit Airbnb.

I have had an interest in the industry for a long time and close friends who work in Crypto and are deep in DAOs, so when we started to see regulations winds coming and saw that players like Coinbase were driving the conversation and there wasn’t a collective voice for DAOs, we started to put together this plan. If regulators don’t see the community building opportunities of social coins and instead label them as securities, creators could be forced to leave the platform or pay capital gains taxes which would hinder their ability to make income and create. This is why we are looking to do broad education around DAOs, social tokens, and what they do, to dispel confusion or misinformation and potentially, bring more people to the ecosystem.


Thanks @Terra! We will discuss as a group tomorrow and get back to you.

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@Terra After our team had a chance to regroup, we believe it may be a bit early to focus on policy as our goal is to build up the ecosystem and onboard developers to build on top of Rally. That being said, we would be interested in working in a smaller scope project that is specific to Rally rather than social tokens in general. Does your team have any ideas or options that would fit that?

Absolutely, I think it would probably be best to hop on a call with your team and talk through some goals and ideas. Would that be possible for thinking that through together?