Proposal: RLY DAO <> Launch House Event for NFT NYC

We’re looking to have RLY DAO and Launch House together for brunch and an interactive fishbowl speaker-audience panel on The Future of Web3 in gaming, music and culture. RLY DAO and Launch House have come together to curate a morning of yums, vibes and knowledge. The education session will kick-off with a session on token economic design by Amin Iman. Enjoy the rest of the sessions by observing and interacting with the speakers and audiences on the convergence of music, gaming and culture.

Katy Atherholt, @ FWB, @ Seam
Akiva Bamberger, @
Stephen Chou, @ RLY DAO + @ Translink Capital
Casey Grooms @

Date: Wednesday, Jun 22, 2022
Time: 11am-2pm @ 163 West 23rd St New York, NY
Context: NFT NYC June 20+

​Launch House is a community built to connect and support the world’s most ambitious founders and creators. Every month we host residency programs at each of our physical locations where new members get onboarded to the full community. Members can also choose to live nearby.

With the scope of NFT NYC, NFT communities are still in the early stages of creating a sustainable ecosystem with economic incentives to help expand growth of communities outside of NFT holders.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are core principles of our community. We know that diverse backgrounds and opinions help our community become stronger and allow the best outcomes to be achieved.

We have a council of members from various backgrounds who meet regularly with our founding team to advise and brainstorm new initiatives, and these talks are curated to facilitate deep discussions that help bring awareness to different thought processes that help capture a greater picture of such topics, plus bring greater awareness of the RLY Ecosystem in the process.

Detailed below is the format of our event:

Topic: NFTs are taking over NYC
(Music, NFTs, but also the prevalence of music within gaming)

Format: Fishbowl Panel Format

  • Step 1: Audience proposes questions they want answered onto a whiteboard
    (You can see that the audience generates the questions they want the panelists to discuss amongst themselves, and the audience can also come up and sit with them to discuss)
  • Step 2: Moderator (Jamie) facilitates the questions towards the panelists to discuss within each other
  • Step 3: Eventually, an audience member can join the conversation on stage, one at a time

Example Format:

Run of Show Schedule:

  1. Welcome talk by Launch House (Jamie)
  2. Token Econ Design - (10 mins)(Amin)
  3. Fishbowl Format (60 mins)
  4. RLY DAO outro (5 mins) (Sydney) CTA: recruiting contributors

Technical Integration
Scope: Token Econ Design - Amin

  • With NFT culture becoming more established - another evolution is underway for NFT community members that expands opportunities for different types of experiences
    • Taking account of FWB, APE - token economies converging the worlds of Art and Gaming
    • Music NFTs becoming the next evolution of financial inclusivity
    • Web3 Gaming IP converging with NFT communities
  • Amin will help highlight the concept of nested-bonded tokens utilized within the RLY Protocol

Audience: ~ 75 attendees (free of charge)
Moderator: Jamie Russo
Panelists: FWB,, RLY DAO, SoulBound

We have held over 20 cohorts full of co-founders and engineers incubating their startup initiatives, including receiving seed funding from institutional investors such as A16Z (Launch House has raised our Series A back in February 2022).

​In our first year, Launch House members have raised funding from incredible venture firms like a16z, Sequoia, Paradigm, Kleiner Perkins, and many more.

Launch House has over 400 members since the inception of the program in 2020. Also, we have created an environment where high-quality guests often request to stop by with multiple lists of mentors, including A16Z partner Andrew Chen who participated and hopped into our last sprint session.

Our programs are held in various environments, and perform sprints to provide expert advice or education for 1-2 weeks in various fields. Also, we have cohorts located in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco (opening this Fall), and the Metaverse (used on GatherTown).

We also have created a connected, engaged community that goes beyond just professional relationships, with sushi-making classes, beach trips + picnics, improv workshops, and a murder mystery evening.

Michael Houck (COO)
Brett Goldstein (CEO)
Jacob Peters (Advisor, Formerly CFO)

Also have 10+ members:
Alyssa Caputo (Senior manager, Member Experience)
Jamie Russo (Senior Program Manager, NYC)
Patrick Finlay (Founding Product Engineer)
Thea Knobel (Program Manager, LA)
Cristine Jones (Senior Manager, Strategic Partnerships)
Sida Lu (Growth Lead)
Alifya Valiji (Program Manager, Metaverse)
Toby Howell (Content Lead)
Sebastian Garcia (Data Products Manager)
C.C. Gong (Program Director, SF)

Grant Request $
We are requesting 1600 USDC for the sponsorship of our event.

Funds will be used to pay expenses for food (brunch) for our guests, plus cleaning services after the event is completed.

We ask for Sydney and Amin to arrive early that morning of event (8:30-9:00 AM). Includes list of items needed for event:

  • Whiteboard with markers and rag
  • 2 microphones, one for moderator and one mic to pass around within the fishbowl
  • 5 chairs for the fishbowl format
  • Someone to check people in or buzz in the guests
  • TV for Amin’s slides
  • Clicker for Amin’s slides
  • HDMI for Amin’s computer

Additional Resources
Website: Launch House :house:

Thank you Alexis for the submission! Our team will review this proposal during our meeting tomorrow Thursday.

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