PROPOSAL: RLY Ecosystem DAO Branding & Website


The RLY Ecosystem DAO is in need of a brand and website to continue its activities and be a hub for community information. A new brand will represent the DAO and reflect the look and feel of the DAO community. With the newly created brand assets (logo, fonts, graphics) the website will provide a framework for the DAO’s brand.


The mission of this project is to create a stage for the work of the RLY Ecosystem DAO. We will accomplish this by creating a brand that clearly and definitively represents the RLY Ecosystem DAO. Develop a web presence that is modern, engaging and informative. Implement a content management system workflow that prioritizes ease of ease and accessibility.


Currently, there is no visual representation or brand for the RLY Ecosystem DAO.
There is no easy-to-use central content repository for all community information to be accessed. The current forum is difficult to navigate and find key information.


Our proposal is to create a modern brand for the community that reinforces trust and provides up-to-date information. The website will be the central hub for all content related to the RLY Ecosystem DAO. In addition to the upfront brand and web development work, we will offer ongoing support and management.



As part of the website development, a requirements document will be used to gather all necessary components of the site. These items may include:

  • Showcase projects funded by $RLY Ecosystem DAO
  • Informational and educational content for new and existing community members
  • Directory of upcoming community-led events and hackathons


  • Easy to use interface for website updates
  • Permissions and access by user
  • A variety of template designs for pages
  • Web forms such as newsletter or lead gen forms


The initial timeline for the first phase project will be over 3 months. Website launch date TBD. Within this timeframe we will provide updates on the key milestones for the project.

  • Planning & Strategy
  • Branding, Visuals & Design
  • Content Management: Organization, Writing/Editing existing content for website use, Tagging
  • Web Development & Quality Assurance
  • On-going Support
  • Hosting of website
  • Platform/CMS and plugin updates
  • Analytics
  • Troubleshooting and support


  • Affan Imran - Strategy
    Agency owner and operator
  • Meg Button - Design
    Agency owner and Creative Director

Meg and Affan both have owned and operated their digital agency for almost 10 years. Working with clients like the CN Tower, D+H, Next Canada, Turkish Airlines, Coty/Sally Hansen, Elle, Meridian Credit Union,, Canadian Cancer Society, OP3N & S!NG.


100,000 RLY (based on milestones as approved by DAO)


The funds from the grant will be used for the initial design and branding along with web design and development.

Expenses include:

  • Design and branding
  • Web design and development
  • On-going maintenance and management

All copy and text used will be leveraged from RLY Ecosystem DAO content.


Meg and Affan, thank you so much for the proposal. You both have really thorough and respected experience in marketing and really grateful that you want to be involved with Rally DAO. We will follow-up to get clarification on our DAO branding and website plans to better advise on this proposal.


This is great - love the backgrounds of the team and the need is critical to help build awareness for the DAO and the RLY ecosystem as a whole. One question - will the deliverables also include work on positioning? It’s early days for the RLY Ecosystem DAO and while there has been some work done to define what the DAO is doing, less work has been done to position it relative to the market and ensure that the branding/website work really resonates with our target audience.


Hey Gary! Yes, we would allocate time to that during the Planning & Strategy phase of the project. The high level findings from that phase will inform the brand direction for the website.


Hi @affan, this looks like a solid and valuable initiative. A couple of questions:

  1. You mention “On-going maintenance and management” in the proposal. Are there any details around how this might look? I think it would make sense to define the scope of what this means and how long this maintenance and management looks like (1, 2, 3 years?). It might even make sense to set a time frame for maintenance and management with an option to apply for future grants for extended time periods once the initial time period runs out.

  2. Do you any links to projects you’ve worked on, designed, or built in the past, or a link to a portfolio?


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Hey @dabit3,
Thanks for your questions!

  1. Totally agree, we should have timeframes for that item, with the option to apply for future grants to continue. For this initial project, I’d recommend for 1 year. This would give enough time to figure out what the yearly effort or expense looks like to scope out an RFP for the following years.

  2. For the brand strategy background work we’ve done for clients is typically confidential, happy to share those and a few projects we’ve done directly with someone on the DAO review team.


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Hello Affan,

Thank you so much for the response. We would like to meet with your team to get to know you all better. Do you have availability on Wednesday or Thursday this week?


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Of course! Will send you a DM.

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Hello Affan and Meg,

Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with us! We were impressed with your knowledge of the Rally ecosystem and learned a lot about the process to improve brand awareness.

We need more time to discuss and provide feedback on the proposal.



Hello Meg and Affan,

Thank you so much for your patience with the proposal team. We feel that we are too early to create a website. We will internally create a Notion first and as we grow, we will circle back up again on a website and targeted branding.