Proposal: RLY Ecosystem DAO Community space in Gather


RLY Ecosystem DAO Community space in Gather


We propose designing a community and collaboration space built on top of Gather.Town.

Gather.Town is a proximity-based voice and video conferencing software with a 2D environment where you can move around. This software allows for communication with a more tangible feeling of one’s surroundings.


We want to Architect, Build, and Manage a community and collaboration Gather.Town Space to bring better human-to-human interaction to Rally. We will work closely with the community in order to tailor the space to the needs and wants of the community. Then we will regularly (over the next 6 months) check-in and act on

We, as a group of game designers, believe in the power of play. For example, controlling a little walking avatar can help people relate and connect better with different contexts and improve the quality of their experience and retention by a lot.


Recent research and insights into DAO ecosystems have identified “community” as one of the weaker points of this emerging phenomenon. Some of the areas pointed out, in particular, are engagement, growth and retention.


Personalised DAO Gather space for the onboarding sessions, regular meetings, co-working, events, and socializing can help the DAO to establish a better quality of rituals and connections between its members.


  • Reception space with a dedicated onboarding area
  • Dedicated offices to work from which surround a general co-working space that allows for easy collaboration with others
  • A dedicated Rally community town hall
  • A conservatory where relevant educational material can be displayed
  • A game room for community and social events
  • A general hangout area
  • Rally brand in all spaces
  • The visual theme of your choice
  • Gather License for up to 100 seats Concurrently for 6 months
  • Our support by maintaining and adjusting the space after your needs for 6 months


We will have feedback forms embedded into the space that allows users to submit feedback, questions, issues, and renovation requests directly to us. This will also help us assess the impact of the space on the community. Furthermore, we will hold regular (monthly) office hours assisting the community in the use of the space and listening to feedback, concerns, and wishes with the goal of implementing fixes as soon as possible. In advance of the office hours, we will compile a report detailing the feedback we received in the previous month from our feedback form and the actions we have taken based on the feedback.


We have a proposed sketch of how we envision the space but want to make sure to first have a dialogue with the community and understand the needs better.

In our previous work, we have been collaborating with Krause House DAO, Solana, and Twoplus DAO, but also created spaces for other contexts too, like conferences and remote work.

Technical integration

  • Github option: We will give access to the tilesets and Tiled Mapmaker source files to the community to empower them to maintain their space for a long time. We are also open to teaching community members how to do so during our regular office hours.


Most DAOs currently use Discord and TryDiscourse forums (such as this one) for community and collaboration. We believe that being locked into a text-only based platform does not lead to the collaboration and community DAOs deserve. The DAOs that will put a focus on innovating in this space will, over time, attract and maintain more and better contributors than the DAOs that stick with text-only. We believe that, for now, is the best platform to use for better human-to-human interaction in decentralized teams.

Gather has been on the market for close to 2 years and is growing rapidly, so evidently the little spin they added to the video conferencing has hit the sweet spot, whether it’s the alternative to breakout rooms or the extra layer of gamification.

Grant request:

$5k USD in $RLY

$2.5k for the Gather licences
$2.5k Space setup, maintenance, regular check-ins and desired updates


We are six game designers from the Swedish island of Gotland who are trying to find an application to our skills outside of the entertainment-focused side of our industry. We want to apply our design and production skills to create meaningful human-to-human interaction rather than selling loot boxes, skins, battle passes, and other microtransaction based goods.

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Hi @Mays, thank you for submitting your proposal.

Our DAO reviewers are curious on how you’re tailoring your offerings on to either feature or encourage experimentation with the RLY Network and/or some of it’s apps like

  • What metrics does the team utilize that validate the increased engagement and retention for Gather’s use case?
  • What data has the team collected that illustrates the value provided for Krause House DAO, Solana, and Two Plus DAO?

Hello! And apologies for the delayed reply due to some current events in the world.

Before answering the questions I want to emphasize the following: The Gather space in itself will not bring great benefit. It needs to be paired with events, happenings, and some explanations and explorations of potential use cases with the community.
We will of course be there to support the Rally team in planning and executing this with our experience and expertise around working with Gather.

  • What metrics does the team utilize that validate the increased engagement and retention for Gather’s use case?

Increased engagement
Initially, we plan to measure engagement with qualitative measures (persistent feedback forms, feedback forms filled out by community organizers after events, observational data from participating in events). Within the next 3 months we plan to develop an analytics platform for Gather that allows us to, for example, measure how many people stayed in the space after an event for casual conversation. At that point we will of course also be able to provide metrics around how many people are using the space over time, how many unique visitors the space has, and much more.

This depends on the use case. For the co-working spaces, we focus on qualitative data assessment through the persistent feedback form that we embed in the space. We combine the data from this with monthly or bi-weekly check-ins with the team(s) working in the space. Furthermore, we expect the impact of this to be measurable across already existing success metrics for Rally.

  • What data has the team collected that illustrates the value provided for Krause House DAO, Solana, and Two Plus DAO?

The community space we created for Solana Riptide got good traction when we posted about it on Twitter and got re-tweets from notable people in the Solana ecosystem (one of them being Anatoly himself)

Krause House DAO
Krause House actively used screenshots of the space in their social media in order to recruit for and showcase their onboarding calls.

Twoplus DAO
The TwoPlus community has moved to using the Gather space for their workshops and weekly community calls as well as starting to transition to using the space for coworking. They are now planning to host their upcoming course in their new Gather space as well

@Mays, thank you for your updated message. I just sent you a DM :+1: