Proposal: RLY Ecosystem DAO ETH.Portland Bounty

Hello to the $RLY Community,

It’s Jennifer Tran and Amin Iman and we’re current RLY Ecosystem DAO Proposal Reviewers!


To establish a $2,000 bounty for top 10 submissions of a 2-3 concept paper on how to integrate RLY network or token into an app at ETH.Portland from April 7 to April 9, 2022.

Teams can submit a non-technical or technical concept paper that would outline an idea or ideas on how to integrate RLY network or token. The paper would provide a short description, core problem, explanation of solution with mockups or code snippets, and ecosystem value.

Amin Iman and Jennifer Tran, the reviewers who are on-site, and any reviewers who want to join in virtually will review the submissions and pick the the top ten selected teams based on creativity, practically of implementation, and overall benefit to the RLY ecosystem.

The ten selected teams will equally split the bounty award.

Please note: The RLY Network Association has already committed $1,500 USD in RLY and we are looking for the RLY Ecosystem DAO to contribute an additional $500 USD in RLY, for a total of $2,000.


We currently lack exposure for the RLY network and grants program.

ETH.Portland currently has 700+ signups and 10+ notable sponsors in web3. By creating an open bounty that gives more teams chances to win (instead of one winner), we garner greater interest. We will not refer and follow-up with each submission, not only those who won.

As a sponsor of the ETH.Portland event, we posting a bounty will solidify our engagement with hackathon participants. Amin and Jennifer can better engage with participants by making them aware of our bounty and talk.

By creating a bounty where both people who are business-focused and technical can participate, we generate greater awareness on RLY network across those with different backgrounds.


  • Number of Valid Submissions: 20
  • Number of Winners: 10
  • Number of Referrals/Inquiries to Grant Program Due to Bounty: 30

Grant Request $500 USD in RLY

Upon the hackathon winner selection, we will receive the wallet addresses of the team. Amin and Jennifer will manually distribute the $2,000 USD in RLY to the wallet addresses, with the help of Sydney and Michael (who oversee treasury management).

David of the RLY Network Association will send $1,500 USD in RLY to our Gnosis SAFE shortly before the conference ends.

Reviewers vote on Thursday at 10:15am - threshold of 3 votes met for rapid grant.
Vote confirmed.