PROPOSAL: RLY Launchpad Program (Asia-Pacific)

Proposal Title
RLY Launchpad Program (Asia-Pacific)

We are excited to design and deliver a RLY Launchpad Program for Asia-Pacific. The program will focus on growing the RLY ecosystem by finding and supporting creators in Asia-Pac to build on the platform, while also promoting RLY and its benefits/value to the region.

Metarise is a web3 venture fund and accelerator, focused on identifying, attracting, developing, and supporting the next generation of web3 talent and projects. We’ve been doing exactly this for almost a decade at Collective Campus, and now we’re turning our attention to web3.

There are so many amazing protocols like RLY but not everyone knows about them. Web3 ecosystem development funds have billions of dollars to attract talent and projects - but money is one thing, finding and developing talent and worthwhile projects is another.

That’s where we come in.

We want to get RLY in front of creators across Asia-Pacific looking to take their brand to the next level.

In Solution
We will run a dedicated launchpad program for RLY to not only grow the brand in this region but also find talent to build on your platform. The program will go on for approximately 4 months:

Month 1: Branding and website development
Month 2-3: Marketing and creator search, Shortlisting of creators
Month 4: Pitch day for shortlisted creators, Linking of top creators with RLY for further support

Some of the benefits for RLY

  • Branding, PR release and marketing exposure in Asia-Pac region
  • Increase visibility and trust within the web3 ecosystem as a supporter of new projects
  • Access to pitch day for RLY team
  • Branding and presentation (10min presentation from a RLY leader) on pitch day
  • Access to the full list of creators that apply for the launchpad
  • Ability to offer grants and further your ecosystem to creators that present on pitch day
  • Invitation to be a guest on The Metavise Podcast
  • Three articles will be created about the program but also the value for creators in leveraging social tokens.

Timeline (2022)
June 13 - June 17: Branding
June 20 - July 1: Website development and prepare media/PR
July 4 - August 26: Marketing and scouting, Gather applications on website
August 29 - September 2: Shortlist top creators
September 5 - September 16: Pitch Day, Close and final report

METARISE is a spin-off of Collective Campus, an innovation and startup accelerator established in 2015 and incorporated in both Australia and Singapore with clients all over the globe.

Since running its first startup accelerator in 2017, Collective Campus identified and nurtured 90 early-stage startups through its corporate startup accelerator and partnership programs, having assessed applications from over 3,000 startups across the globe.

75 of these 90 startups are still active, and 22 have subsequently gone on to raise a collective US$185 million, at an approximate combined valuation of US$1 billion.

We have been working with talent, creators and startups across the Asia-Pac region for the last 7 years and believe we can bring awareness in this area that will significantly support the growth of the RLY protocol.

Collective Campus’ efforts have been acknowledged on several occasions by the Australian Department of Infrastructure and Innovation, rewarding it with AUD$1 million worth of grant funding to support its startup ecosystem development efforts in the country.

Collective Campus has also been an active startup ecosystem development partner of the Korean government, having run the Australian and New Zealand leg of its K-Startup program on three occasions.

We have network effects across the region, having built strong relationships with various web3 projects such as Enjin and Sandbox. In addition, we have strong connections with web3 communities such as ETH Down Under.

We will also market and promote the program for RLY via our podcast (The Metarise Podcast), Metarise newsletter and newly created content specific to the RLY Accelerator. Our podcast has had founders from web3 projects such as Sandbox, RFox, Cryptovoxels and Krause House.

Finally, we will work directly with ETH Down Under (currently scheduled for December 2022) and request a speaker from the RLY Ecosystem (DAO, RLY Network Association, Superlayer) to attend and present/join a panel.

This is just some of the additional value we can bring to the table. We view this as a long term relationship.

Steve Glaveski - Co-Founder at Metarise, Co-Founder at Collective Campus, Host of Future Squared podcast, Co-host of the Metarise podcast, Wiley Author, Harvard Business Review writer

Shay Namdarian - Co-Founder at Metarise, Co-Founder at Collective Campus, Co-host of the Metarise podcast, Previously at Ernst & Young, Accenture and Capgemini.

Grant Request $
500,000 $RLY Tokens


Phase 1: Branding (1 week)
Develop the RLY Launchpad brand to be used for the delivery of the program.
Deliverables: Logo, Color pallette, Font, Imagery, tagline/mission
Funds: 50,000 $RLY tokens

Phase 2: Website Development (1 week)
Develop the website for the program that will cover key information about the launchpad and also allow creators to apply.
Deliverables: Website that includes program overview, key dates, FAQs, application form and contact form.
Funds: 50,000 $RLY tokens

Phase 3: Marketing Planning (1 week)
Develop key material to drive marketing efforts.
Deliverables: Press Release, List of publications to reach out to with press release, Checklist of activities to be undertaken to market program
Funds: 50,000 $RLY tokens

Phase 4: Marketing Execution (8 weeks)
Market the program in Asia-Pac and drive quality creators to apply to the launchpad. Our team will be reaching out to our network, sharing the program details in various groups (eg. Dao Under), targeting specific creators via platforms such as LinkedIn, social media outreach, holding meetings with creators interested in the program, running a Q+A session for creators interested in the program etc.
Deliverables: RLY episode of metarise podcast, 3 articles about RLY to help grow brand, List of creators that have applied to the launchpad and their completed applications
Funds: 225,000 $RLY tokens

Phase 5: Pitch Day Planning and delivery (3 weeks)
Planning and delivery of the virtual pitch event for the shortlisted creators. Creators will be mentored and supported in preparing for their pitch.
Deliverables: Shortlist of creators for pitch event (between 10-15), Pitch event agenda, Pitch event (and recording), Final report with all the key outcomes of the program including key media and creators.
Funds: 125,000 $RLY tokens

We would require some expertise from RLY to help with promotion but also some incentives for creators to apply to the program (support in the form of grants/mentoring etc.)

Additional Resources

Other programs we have delivered:

  • Web3 Startup Launchpad (Aus/NZ) - In progress
  • Village Roadshow VR/AR Accelerator
  • Charter Hall PropTech Accelerator
  • Allens Linklaters Startup Program
  • Bank of New Zealand Startup Program

Also, I have a few more links that can share with you but I was limited to only two links in the post. Please let me know how best to share those links :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey Shay,
Have you spoken to the team? They’re working with creators in the Asia-Pacific region.

I’d love to learn more about the type of creators you’ve worked with in the past and whether they would be a fit for Unite.

You seem to have a lot more experience running startup accelerators and I would encourage you to think about hosting a builder/developer-specific program that educates them on building on RLY Network Protocol and Web2 APIs.


Hi @Shay - Questions from the reviewer team:

  1. Could there be a launchpad for other projects, or with existing projects that build on RLY Protocol in relation with developers?
  2. What thoughts would Metarise have to be open and pivot with focus towards building the launchpad for developers instead of solely with creators?
  3. What does the pitch day entail? Especially when developers are looking to build in in 3 weeks timeline?
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Hi @bvajresh

Thank you for your feedback.
No, we haven’t spoken to anyone in the unite team - would it be worth having a separate conversation with them?

We have been working quite a bit with the startup ecosystem (over 7 years) and many of the founders usually have strong brands and are creators themselves. We have also helped a few creators launch their own podcasts too. Happy to chat more about this, if there is interest.

The accelerator is definitely a path we are open to exploring but as you can imagine there would be a lot more time/effort that would go into it. We were initially thinking of delivering a program like this launchpad to show what we can do and the value we can bring - then potentially build from there. We do view this as a long term partnership to support your ecosystem.

Hi @amin,

Thanks for the questions! Answers below :slight_smile:

  1. Could there be a launchpad for other projects, or with existing projects that build on RLY Protocol in relation with developers?

The launchpad model is definitely something that we can replicate for other projects. We have been using a similar approach to deliver programs for the last 5 years - here are a couple of them (links I couldn’t provide in last post):

Web3 Startup Launchpad (Aus/NZ) - In progress

Allens Linklaters Startup Program

  1. What thoughts would Metarise have to be open and pivot with focus towards building the launchpad for developers instead of solely with creators?

Yes, we can definitely pivot to this. We are open to including two focus areas for this launchpad program - 1. Developers and 2. Creators. We can have two different applications for each focus area on our website. Those interested can apply to the one relevant to them.

  1. What does the pitch day entail? Especially when developers are looking to build in 3 weeks timeline?

Sorry, maybe this was not clear. As you can appreciate, any pitch event takes a bit of planning. The 3 weeks would include shortlisting of top applications, reaching out to them, locking in a date/time for the pitch event (inc. agenda) and helping prepare those selected to have a quality pitch for the event (we usually give 5 mins to pitch and 5 mins for Q+A). We have quite a bit of experience helping start-ups pitch. Our thinking was that the top pitching creators/developers would be offered some sort of grant/support from RLY to bring their ideas to life. This would also be an incentive we would add to our website to increase the number of applications.

Hope those answers help - happy to elaborate if needed.



Is it though?

I’ve never heard of Metarise before, and I can’t find anything tangible about your marketing firm that would justify such funding.

Could you provide some data about the performance of your podcast like the audience’s demographics, number of listeners / downloads, social media traffics / engagements, etc.?

Brand new Twitter and website domain, both registered 2 mths ago, and a 57 member discord?

It seems like asking for a 50k grant is quite audacious for an early stage marketing firm.

I do not approve this proposal.

Hi @CannibalSheep ,

Thanks for reviewing the proposal and providing your feedback.

Yes, Metarise is a new brand that we have launched on the back of all our work at Collective Campus. This was mentioned in the proposal - “METARISE is a spin-off of Collective Campus, an innovation and startup accelerator established in 2015 and incorporated in both Australia and Singapore with clients all over the globe.”

As a result, the website, twitter and discord are relatively new. This does not reflect the experience of our team.

We have run and successfully delivered similar programs for companies including Bank of New Zealand, Allens Linklaters, NTUC Income and Village Roadshow/Microsoft. I have testimonial videos I can also share if interested.

The grant requested ($30k) is actually a fraction of what we normally charge for something like this.