PROPOSAL: Sol TV Platform for Emotional, Mental, Spiritual Wellness Creators

Sol TV (

A tokenized platform for mental, emotional, spiritual wellness creators who provide frameworks, tips, techniques, inspiration on how to regulate emotions to their communities.

To become the biggest DAO for mental, emotional, spiritual wellness creators and their communities.

Sol TV is a new kind of creator community where participation and progress is rewarded. It’s grounded in ideals and practices that makes us feel connected to the universe, but isn’t tied to a single institution, single type of therapy or single person. For decades people turned to expensive therapists or organized religion to assist throughout life’s darkest struggles. Now that technology has democratized wellness, there is no need for expensive solutions or dogma. Sol TV helps people to get out of bed in the morning when they don’t feel like it. We give people a safe place to voice what they’re going through and to explore the curiosities of our universe. Best of all, Sol TV is building a global creator community that rewards long tail creators for the value and services that they provide.

Emotional, mental, spiritual wellness creators have difficulty building communities (the right tools to foster behavior change and cohort/individual learning) and revenue streams (access to tips/donations, ad dollars, sponsorships, speaking engagements creator funds) on generic platforms such as Youtube, Instagram and Patreon.

Economically sound social token adoption that rewards creators and their communities for contribution, participation and behavior change.

Supporting Macro Trends
Sol TV also capitalizes on changes in Gen Z needs and behavior. According to a recent study, only 9% of Gen Z wants to engage with Big Tech. They also report wanting to avoid ad interruptions, participate in Web3, and rely on emotional support before turning to a traditional mental health provider for a prescription.



  • Creator earns $STV by uploading content on Sol TV, inviting community to join platform, and offering services (coaching, 1:1 chat, group events, livestream)
  • Communities buy or earn $STV and redeem to watch content, participate in wellness challenges, schedule 1:1 sessions, enroll in coursework, and get merchandise
  • Individuals should hold certain number of $STV tokens to attend exclusive IRL events and attend virtual events
  • Earn additional $STV for special contributions and participation in DAO
  • As community grows, Sol TV will add liquidity to social token for redemption

Technical Integration

  • We read the API documentation and it was clear to our dev team. First, we would create a module on our server side to communicate with and get auth registered. Second, we would make requests to get the $STV token. Next, we will implement the user interface to distribute tokens based on creator/community participation. We will also modify our back end database to store necessary fields and encrypt them.
  • Timeline would be ~30 days for initial setup and testing of $STV in Rally schema (auth flow) and get token. We would work in parallel on the front end implementation of assigning and distributing the number of tokens to creator and community actions. We will also create a user dashboard on Sol TV on their token accumulation statistics. This will take an additional 30 days.

Sol TV’s github links are found here: Server, Client, Admin Panel

Token Program with RLY

  • Mint $STV social token on $RLY
    • 60% community
    • 20% team
    • 20% reserve/governance

Example Bounties for creators and community members below:


Sol TV soft launched in October 2021 with 100 Founding Creators and their communities. The initial product allows creators to upload video content, tag based on emotion, invite community members and get tips and donations. This initial product offering proved successful illustrated by:

  • Adding creators is frictionless (takes 10 min to pitch, 90% say yes to joining)

  • Added 50 new creators since launch

  • Network effect. 1,000 community members joined at the request of creators and have watched at least 3 videos to 80% completion


In December 2021, we introduced the concept of a social token to creators to reward creation and participation to gauge interest. The Sol TV team is currently tracking token grant and distribution with an excel spreadsheet. In a short period of time, we learned social tokens:

  • Motivate Creators. The social token model proves to be motivating and is incentivizing participation among creators (Video uploads increased by 25% and community outreach up by 50%)
  • Motivate Communities. Simultaneously, we conducted focus group with 100 Gen Z’s (US, Europe, India) and found that social token incentives are a big hit (they want access to events and creators and participating in wellness challenges, and general community engagement)

While our product roadmap is underway, we believe that there are several steps that we need to take to compete against Big Tech incumbents and general creator platforms.

  • The first step is to create a token-based incentive system to incentivize and reward participation.
  • The second step is to decentralize our platform moving away from AWS to Filecoin and Livepeer so that creators own their data
  • The third step is to move away from C-Corp to a DAO structure where the community is run by its members


  • First to market. Sol TV is first short-form video based platform focused on pure emotional regulation

    • Emotional regulation and wellness is a new niche taking share from traditional mental health and is expected to increase in demand over the next 3-5 years
  • Sol TV would be first tokenized community in this vertical

  • Sol TV would be the first consumer DAO in this space


  • Mona Bijoor, Founder of Sol TV and JOOR (current valuation @ $500M), Board Advisor to Utavi and Grovara marketplaces, & Best Selling Author

  • Artur Balabanskyy, CTO of TapForce Development Firm (Mona has worked with firm for 3+ years on different projects)

    • Current Sol TV team: 1 front-end, 1 back-end, 1 dev ops, 1 architect
    • Current Sol TV Tech Stack: Nestjs (nodejs), Typeorm (as ORM), Postgres, AWS, Vue framework
  • 5 Gen-Z team based in LA, Europe, Australia, and India focused on Creator Outreach, Marketing (Ambassador Program, Branding), and Community Building

  • Wellness Advisors: Susan Miller (Astrologer), David Treleaven (Trauma Healing), Dr. Kristin Neff (Author/Psychologist), Dr. Shauna Shapiro (Author/Psychologist)

Grant Request

$250,000 USDC in $RLY and your help


Sol TV is bootstrapped by Mona Bijoor with $200K allocated and $100K used to date. The balance $100K will be used to pay the existing team.

The requested funds would be used to:

Please note that none of this grant will be retained by the current team. It would be used solely for the above.


We would like to invite any community members who are interested in helping to merge the emotional, mental, spiritual wellness industry with social tokens.

Additional Resources

Sol TV platform

Substack (Newsletter for Creators)

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You’ll need to first apply for a Creator Coin at the above link. We can’t provide grants of this nature without an associated Creator Coin.


Edit: Nvm sounds like this falls under Ecosystem DAO after-all. I poked the wrong team about it :sweat_smile:

Thanks. Yes someone else reached out from the community saying I should wait for the new API docs.

Hey Soul,
This proposal would fall under the RLY Ecosystem DAO and not part of Community Developer Council as Mona is building directly on the RLY Network.

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These two quotes seem to be at odds with one another. Are you sharing that the funding will be used to pay outside contractors/firms to deliver the milestones?

The existing funding ($100K) is to pay for existing devs and sales/marketing currently on the team. The raise that we are doing is to hire/contract additional people to help complete the milestones in the proposal. However, the existing team will contribute to some of these milestones especially from a dev perspective but their pay will come from the existing $100K.