QOL Features Proposal

Hello everyone :blush: ,

I’ve been among this community for about a month now, so I hope my ideas are fresh & interesting.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on these QOL features:

  1. DarkMode
  2. Ability to create an account on a mobile device
  3. Way to update our email
  4. Way to delete our account
  5. Open source translation (Crowdin, etc.)
  6. Crypto Buy-In description to RallyWiki
  7. Display active supporters vs total supporters (API?)
  8. Tx log



Hey @CannibalSheep - thanks for sharing those ideas!

  1. I always love a good dark mode. (My guess is that it would likely come as part of a larger UI/UX overhaul down the road)

  2. Love it, need it.

  3. Yep! Will likely come during an Auth system update bringing other features like 2FA

  4. I’d be in favor of this - the transactions will forever exist on the blockchain no matter what though.

  5. We are working on international expansions currently: Community Engagement Proposal: Robb Spitzer for International Expansion

  6. Oooh I see this is missing, good call out, we will get that fixed!

  7. Yeah I think this would be a good metric to have, I support.

  8. You should have a TX log in the “Wallet” Tab of each Creator Coin, though I do agree a more robust TX log system w/ the ability to export would be helpful.

Thanks for putting so many great ideas forward!!


Thank you for the detailed feedback Alex!

(1) Cant wait :smiley:
(3) Amazing, 2FA is a must in this industry.

I’ve got a few more ideas, but I think I’d rather share them after the next major update. I’m sure the team is pretty busy with the incoming NFT integration. :sweat_smile:

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