Rally coins for adult content creators

Just as the title says, are there any restrictions against content creators who produce NSFW content? If there is no outright restriction, are there restrictions in regards to what kind of NSFW content can be produced? Thanks for considering my question.

We want to support adult, but need to think through a few things. The first and biggest issue is that we’ve talked to our credit card payment gateway, and they won’t take adult (they take crypto! but not adult). So we need to find another payment gateway partner to do adult. The second is that from a brand perspective, a household name celebrity may not want their token listed next to an adult creator. So our plan is generally with Rally to start to decentralize portals into the network, such that Rally.io is really just one portal that serves the bigger creators, and for example we have another website portal with a different domain, still powered by the $RLY token, that serves adult only creators with its own creator acceptance process and own payment processor focused on adult that doesn’t touch rally.io
-Kevin C

Ok, I can respect that. Thanks for getting back to me.