Rally coins for Major Artist ( Record Labels)

This Group is for developers(entrepreneurs) who wants to help me create a prototype platform for major labels artist for fan curation. I hope that all music genres help join me create a platform for artist and fans to appreciate their brands so that it brings both artist and fans closer together.

Thank you!


Hi Bey - Welcome to the forums!

Thanks for sharing your idea - I’m also very interested in giving artists the tools they need to succeed!

What are some of the ideas that you have?

the rally coin is a great way for the sharing economy but one of the things that most people are unaware of is financial literacy. i want to to create a way for the user to use rally coin on the ethereum platform so they can take a micro-payment off the rally platform so the user can get paid and buy things off the rally platform.

one of the things i would like to use the rally coin is for labels to use for their artists, mostly introducing it to A&R’s regardless of music genres. I want to create a group for people like us to use so that we can grow strong enough to become a director in the rally diaspora. I also would like to create a prototype platform for labels and artist.

@Bey1985 - I’d suggest attending our weekly governance meetings and trying to ask Josh Katz questions on that subject, he’s our Music Advisor.

Here’s a video of a recent discussion on the topic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-wJxfPWnh4