$RLY Liquidity Efforts Quarterly Update

Hey Rally Community,

As part of my engagement to help increase liquidity for $RLY, I mentioned I would provide quarterly updates. I wanted to take this opportunity to quickly let the community know how things are progressing.

On the exchange front, challenges in Asia have slowed down what I was hoping were going to be some quick wins. The regulatory landscape in China in particular has caused delays for all projects attempting to list on Chinese based or focused exchanges. Additionally, the US exchanges have relatively lengthy due diligence processes for new listings. While work to get these exchanges is on-going, it is somewhat slow going and difficult for me to know when the listings will start to roll out. For visibility, I am currently in various stages of the listing process with a total of seven exchanges. We’ll get there, but it’s going to require some patience. In the meantime, I’ve started filling out the application for the Binance DEX and hope to have that submitted sometime next week. I’ll let you know how that goes once the process kicks off in earnest.

Market Makers
Here, the progress has been much smoother. We are currently in contract and have funded a loan to one market maker. We’ve signed a contract with a second market maker, are at the finish line with a third, and are in early stage discussions with one more. The last one is of particular interest since the deal involves a profit sharing arrangement and could generate revenue for the Community. In any case, I am confident we should have at least three market makers providing liquidity across $RLY markets by the end of the month.

Now that we have market makers under contract, we should start to see material improvements with respect to volume and spreads across $RLY markets. In my next update, expect to see data around these improvements, as well (hopefully) good news about listings. Until then, if anyone has any questions, please let me know.

Hope everyone is doing great and has a wonderful holiday weekend,


Thank you very much for the update Miguel - what an exciting time for Rally.io and the $RLY token! Great news on the Market Makers, that sounds like a wonderful idea given the volatility of the market over recent weeks. As Rally works with larger and larger creators, making sure we have ‘insurance’ against the variance of the market is a great way to keep both artists/streamers, and their communities, secure in their decision to join and lock value with the network.

Do you perform any type of active analysis on the volume and spreads across the $RLY markets? I would love to (and assume the rest of the community would as well) better understand that whole dig. This kind of information would be incredibly helpful in equipping the Creator Success team with materials to help creators understand it themselves, AND better explain to their communities how these things work. Providing these tools to creators gives Rally a chance to build an army of knowledgeable evangelists and helps with stickiness, IMO!

Again, thank you for your time and I am very excited to hear more as the story and conversations with exchanges advance.


Thanks for a great Q2 update Miguel. The China regulatory news is no surprise to hear, and hopefully will settle down in Q3.

Happy 4th everyone,



Hey robvoice,

Thanks for the kind message. I don’t perform market analysis directly since it requires having account access at the exchanges, but as part of the market making agreements the MM’s will provide market data at least weekly. Maybe what I’ll do if it’s of interest to the community, is begin collating that analysis and posting it. That way you guys can get a sense of how things are going. It shouldn’t be too challenging but I’ll let you know as soon as I start getting the reports this month.


Indeed Kevin. Looks like things may be starting to thaw there though. Fingers crossed.

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