RLY Network Association Update 10/12/2021

With the RLY Network Decentralization proposal passed on 8/25/2021 we began the process of establishing the RLY Network Association. This new non-profit organization’s primary responsibilities are to build and maintain the core blockchain technology, oversee network protocols and rewards, and oversee the RLY community treasury. This document will attempt to clarify the immediate term steps being taken by the RLY Network Association executive board in order to fulfill these responsibilities.

At present, the priorities of the executive board are:

  1. Ensure immediate term activities requiring funding and oversight are not interrupted; especially as it relates to maintaining core technology and overseeing network rewards
  2. Ensure past proposals receiving community funding are being reviewed
  3. Establish a full time team that can set processes and precedents for funding requests, transparency, and oversight going forward

While Ronen, Weiwei, and I are capable of “keeping the lights on” in terms of immediate term association needs around operations and communication, it is clear that there is a substantial lift required to ensure the right level of consistency, transparency, and involvement for the RLY community. To this end, we will limit approvals until we are able to get these processes in place and we would like to immediately kick off an executive search for a full time leader of the RLY Network Association that can begin to formalize the appropriate strategy and processes in coordination with the broader RLY community. Our initial thoughts on a job description are at the end of this post. Please reach out to any of us via the forums or discord with referrals or recommendations.

Position: RLY Network Association COO

Location: Remote

The RLY Network Association builds and maintains core blockchain technology, oversees network protocols and rewards, and oversees part of the community treasury for the RLY network. It currently supports Rally.io (social tokens for the creator community) and will soon be supporting many other applications being built on the network. It’s primary objectives are to:

  • Ensure the continued maintenance and success of RLY protocol and community treasury.
  • Enable consumer friendly, trust minimized, decentralized, tokenized communities by providing technical and economic infrastructure that simplify development, reward positive interactions, and ensure ample network liquidity.
  • Drive expansion and adoption of the RLY protocol via licensing and grants
  • Seek innovation and investment opportunities for $RLY.

Three years after the original launch of the Rally project, the ecosystem announced it’s plan for progressive decentralization, which was approved by the community in late August. As part of the decentralization efforts, the RLY Network Association was formed as a separate non-profit entity to maintain the network. To support the ambitious plans to support multiple projects across the RLY ecosystem, we are seeking a crypto-native COO to help run the day to day operations.


In this role you will…

  • Manage day to day operations of the RLY Network Association
  • Drive project and resource prioritization across the Association
  • Oversee funding and developer partnership developments
  • Drive innovative investment opportunities with the Association’s significant treasury to create a perpetually self-sustaining Association
  • Develop a prioritized product and business roadmap, and partner with members of the RLY ecosystem to execute
  • Work closely with the broader RLY ecosystem leadership team and community to assess ecosystem needs and work collaboratively to satisfy
  • Communicate progress and other items of importance to RLY ecosystem leadership and key stakeholders
  • Develop strategic partnership plan and oversee strategic partnerships
  • Solve organizational needs by recruiting world class talent or partnering with strategic vendors

To be a good fit, you have…

  • 3+ years of experience leading and managing the Operations function at high growth crypto projects
  • 7+ years of experience at high growth startups
  • Compelling communication and storytelling expertise along with strong written, verbal and presentation skills
  • Previous founder experience is a plus, current or previous DAO participant or community manager is a plus, deep crypto curiosity is a must.