Setting the Course for for 2022

Hi, Everyone.

Below, please find a few wins for 2021 as well as the top 5 priorities for 2022. Take a look and feel free to drop in any questions below. We’re currently building action plans for each of these priorities and will provide updates via our Discord, as well as our Creator + Developer community calls.

Rally’s mission is to provide communities ownership over the value they create. Rally builds the tools and services that enable the creation, launch and growth of token-based communities inclusive of social tokens and NFTs. We ensure abundant utility and interoperability by building and partnering with the entire creative ecosystem.

Last year, we made incredible strides, working closely with Creators, their communities and developers. Before we jump into our 2022 priorities, I want to first recognize some of the great progress we made in 2021.

  • Drove positive economic impact with Creators and their communities: Out of 266 Creators on the platform, more than 77% have built six-figure token-based communities and six have built token-based communities worth more than $1M USD. To date, Rally has disseminated more than $79M USD in $RLY to Creators and their communities via Community Activity Rewards - an average of $2.3M USD in $RLY each week in Q4. Our growing list of Creators includes Grammy-award winners Portugal. The Man and Megadeth; NCAA and NFL football superstars Kayvon Thibodeaux and Jarvis Landry; popular actress and YouTuber Felicia Day and eSports organizations such as Gen.G and OpTic Gaming.

  • Launched an NFT platform: We have added a major new creator tool to our toolbox with Rally NFTs, with a focus on utility over scarcity. We have continued to adapt our NFT platform with multiple product releases. We’re also able to mint social tokens and NFTs in an eco-friendly manner thanks to the $RLY sidechain. NFTs are just the beginning of our journey into creator tools, and we’re creating a robust developer ecosystem to build significantly more use cases.

  • Expanded the RLY Ecosystem: By decentralizing, we increased the reach and utility of the RLY network and ensured that no one centralized entity governed the network. As a result, the current RLY ecosystem includes Rally, SuperLayer, Unite and RLY Association.

  • Evolved Our Brand and Expanded Our Reach: We adapted’s brand to allow for greater participation from a wide variety of creative communities. In September, we unveiled a new website and brand identity. We announced a groundbreaking alliance with UTA, a leading global talent and literary agency, to educate and inspire Creators, artists, celebrities and athletes to launch their own social tokens with Rally. We generated nearly two thousand media placements last year, including pieces in The New York Times, Rolling Stone, ESPN, Deadline, Forbes and Coindesk, and we grew our audience 10x across social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn).

  • Built a World Class Team: We grew the team to 37 full-time team members, and added significant engineering resources via 3rd-party partners. The team now covers all the key functions needed to help communities establish and grow their token economies. We assembled a senior team with extensive experience and a passion for Creators and web3, including VP of Engineering Carol Chen (former Director of Software Engineering at Pandora), General Counsel Rob Collier (former head of consumer product legal for Novi at Meta), VP of Product Chris Fortier (former Product of Music at Twitch) , VP of Creator Partnerships Nick Millman (former Global Director of Content Partnerships at Twitter), VP of Global Communications, Social Media and Events Kurt Patat (former Global Head of Consumer and Entertainment Communications at YouTube), VP of Creator Success Stephanie Pereira (Director of Creator Partnerships at Kickstarter), VP of Finance Johnny Tong (former Head of Treasury for Peet’s Coffee) and VP of Payment Michelle Vaultier (Payment Partnerships at Facebook).

Building upon this success of 2021, we’re now laser focused on these top 5 priorities (in no particular order) for 2022:

Launch and grow successful token-based communities with a focus on the US by:

  • Defining successful token-based communities and building systems to foster and protect these communities.
  • Onboarding new Creators who are passionate about our product and who will lean into launching, building and growing their token-based community.
  • Building a data-driven culture and tracking and communicating metrics to the internal team, Creators and community members.
  • Launching features to allow Creators to own and manage their token-based communities.

Build the platforms and operations to launch and grow natively Web3 token-based communities with an excellent creator and community experience by:

  • Becoming a multi-chain platform.
  • Defining, productizing and scaling the creator and community onboarding flow.
  • Strengthening our open platform for community developers.
  • Expanding our regulatory and compliance capabilities and evaluating our current vendor stack and custodial principles.
  • Productizing the backend capabilities for token-based community creation and management.
  • Decoupling backend capabilities from the front end user-experience.
  • Continuing to invest in the foundation of Rally’s platform to address platform usability, stability, security and scalability.

Evolve our brand to become native within Web3 culture by:

  • Fostering a diverse and inclusive culture within the product, company, and community.
  • Building in conversation with our community, progressively moving towards a model of community ownership.
  • Establishing a leadership position within Web3 culture and communities.
  • Continuing to be a leader within the creator economy.

Establish a business model that enables a clear path toward becoming self-sustaining by:

  • Mapping out Web3-native revenue streams.
  • Mapping out funding options to fuel expanded vision.

Define and prioritize’s community stewardship and governance perspective and establish timelines and milestones.