SuperLayer Q1 Update!

Hi all,

Following the decentralization proposal that formed SuperLayer last August, we’ve been hard at work building what we believe can be the preeminent web3 venture studio in the industry. We’ve accomplished a ton in 2021 and have a very exciting 2022 planned, and so wanted to share some updates with the community on our progress.

The partial 2021 year was largely focused on getting SuperLayer formed, funded, getting key personnel in place, developing our strategy, announcing (+website), and getting our first few projects under way. In addition to funding from the Rally community, we also secured a number of celebrity investors that will co-invest with us such as Marc Andreessen, Chris Dixon, Paris Hilton, Gary Vaynerchuck, Nas, Joe Montana, Packy McCormick, Michael Ovitz and more. We’re proud to report that we’ve accomplished all of our objectives which is largely due to the amazing core team that we put together:

As a reminder, SuperLayer is a community of builders creating transformative web3 experiences built on top of the RLY protocol. We partner with ambitious Founding PMs, teams and companies to get compelling social token projects to market quickly with robust token economic designs.

Successful SuperLayer projects will yield significant economic, marketing, and financial benefits for the RLY network. Not only will successful web3 projects coming out of the RLY ecosystem drive increased attention, liquidity and volume for the RLY token, but there will also be an increasing amount of RLY locked up in TBCs. Additionally, successful projects will drive more developer interest which will be particularly important as the RLY network opens up to a broader swath of developers. If we’re successful in onboarding millions of users into web3 products, we’ll also have a ton of inbound partnership interest from major crypto L1s, exchanges and major protocols, both at the SuperLayer and RLY Association level. Lastly, financial returns generated from these SuperLayer projects are returned to the Association for further re-investment in the community.

We currently have the following 7 projects in active development:

  • Social token network - engage-to-earn social network with user coins focused on India, Philippines and other emerging markets.
  • Tokenized daily fantasy - Tradable athlete tokens used for daily fantasy contests.
  • $SHOP network - a network of ecommerce brand loyalty coins (JV with CSC Generation) paired with treasury management tools.
  • Web3 OnlyFans - Tokenized adult creator platform with creator coins and engage-to-earn mechanics.
  • Token-gated vertical social network - Invite-based community token with A-list anchor investors.
  • Investment DAO - SuperLayer / ChainForest (SLCF) fund managed by a crypto community organized around collective crypto education, professional development and investing together.
  • Gaming platform - Ecosystem of 1st party and 3rd party casual games powered by a network token

Additionally, we have a number of other projects in the pipeline in areas like verticalized communities, neo-banking, messaging and work / employment platforms.

We are moving very quickly and have a number of exciting launches to look out for in Q1, some of which are product launches in the above list, as well as some SuperLayer ecosystem initiatives.

Project launches:

  • Social token network - pre-alpha (now), alpha (early Feb), public launch (end of March)
  • Tokenized daily fantasy - alpha launch and community NFT drop in March
  • $SHOP network - live now with an initial customer (Zgallerie), rolling launches with additional partners from here on out
  • SLCF Investment DAO - launched on Jan 24 on Syndicate (announcement)

SuperLayer ecosystem initiatives:

  • SuperLayer growth app - An app focused on growing the RLY ecosystem community, launching in early Feb
  • SuperLayer community - A community of builders interested in participating in SuperLayer products across several segments. Launching within the Rally Association Discord.
  • Solana partnership - Partnering with Association to launch a wide ranging partnership with Solana (news article). SuperLayer projects are predominantly launching sub-tokens from sRLY on Solana directly as opposed to our historical ETH sidechain architecture
  • SL SDK - Developing the infrastructure to enable SuperLayer products to launch faster on RLY Network
  • SuperLayer Sundays - Weekly Twitter Spaces event every Sunday at 5pm PST. Inaugural event was on 1/16 highlighting Solana ecosystem with 1.5k peak concurrent listeners and 14k total listeners. Follow SuperLayer on Twitter to stay up to date on future events.

We’ll continue updating the RLY community at large, but we’ll aim to start pushing more updates directly through SuperLayer’s community channels as they launch in the coming weeks.

Here’s to an exciting 2022!