Taki - and a preview of RLY Network v2

Hello RLY community! It’s been awhile, but we’ve been heads down building and we’re finally on the eve of RLY v2 and what can be done on it!

I posted a thread here about Taki, the tip of the spear for v2 - https://twitter.com/KevinChou/status/1517470926643732480

Taki.app is launching on OKX next week - https://twitter.com/okx/status/1517414311228211202

I wanted to share some thoughts on the last 8 months since we first proposed decentralizing RLY Network

As you’ll recall, we did the hard work of creating RLY Network Association (RNA), Rally, Unite, SuperLayer (where I’m at fulltime) and the DAO.

RNA’s task coming out of decentralization was to support a multichain, public architecture in addition to the private sidechain. This means taking the smart contracts that powered Rally.io on the sidechain and making them available for anyone to build upon on public chains. The core of the multichain RLY Protocol enables developers to seamlessly launch social tokens at scale, obtain instant price discovery, immediate liquidity, and developers can quickly earn RLY Rewards.

SuperLayer was set up to build entirely new social token projects on public blockchains, so we partnered with RNA to select Solana as the first public chain we’d build a project for together. That first project was Taki.

Taki vertically integrates a social media platform together with social token economies. We think about it as a social experience that’s defined by onchain relationships. Some of the most exciting innovations we wanted to design this new social token experience around (and not all of it is live yet):

  • Self-serve creation of user tokens
  • Tips – when a creator of a post gets a tip, that tip goes half to the creator of the post and the other half to the holders of that user’s tokens. This creates the beginnings of a key reason to hold usercoins of people that are creating great content
  • Following a user on Taki is defined by owning their usercoin - their content will show up prominently in your feed
  • A user that wants to gain broad exposure of their content and usercoin to others on the platform can pay to post so that their content shows up more prominently in the feed, sort of like a sponsored post on Twitter or Facebook. This payment is shared to the users of Taki
  • Usercoins will be onchain (not yet), so they can be used on any other tool on Solana such as DAO tooling, lending/borrowing, of NFT marketplaces. These tokens can be sent via wormhole to Ethereum or any other chain

Most importantly, the $TAKI token will be bonded to the $RLY token using the v2 RLY protocol. And you know the drill – the $UserCoin tokens are bonded to $TAKI using the same protocol.

As Taki grows – and we’re already at over 12K users with half a million people on the waitlist in two weeks – we’ll start to create more use cases, utility and demand for the RLY token.

And we’re just getting started. Here’s the other projects from SuperLayer coming soon:

  • Joyride, a mobile esports gaming platform where the RLY token will be directly integrated into Solitaire Blitz soon! Later down the road, we’re working with them to design a new Blitz token that will power a portfolio of games
  • Gambit, a daily fantasy sports games where the athletes are fungible tokens on the RLY TBC instead of NFTs. This makes it much easier for new players to always join, versus getting priced out of the most valuable NFTs on other games
  • Hotline, a web3 OnlyFans that offers token-gated messaging and content services
  • Outerverse, a partnership with Outside Media to create web3 NFTs (first) and social tokens (later) experiences that gets people outside. Outside Media reaches over 250M people globally a month

As RLY v2 gets up and running, and these new projects come online to demonstrate how social tokens can be built easily with RLY protocol, I think we’ll see a new age for the RLY ecosystem. The DAO will have a much larger canvas to fund new devs and tools to build on public chains with v2 as well to add fuel to the fire.

A lot more details coming soon! I’m very excited @jowyang, the new CMO for RNA, has been doing such great work and I can’t wait to see it all come to fruition

Thanks for hanging in there with us RLY fam


This is exciting. Wow!

Awesome! Looking forward to checking it out.