VIP Ambassador Program

Is there a program for us “Regular Folks” within the community to bring in or find Tier 1A creators, artists? I see the limit of 20 advisors who would work full-time.

A “regular folk” like me within the Rally community could send out referral links to try and bring in interested or curious Tier 1A celebrities, or other tiered influencers.

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I agree with this take. Mr. Beast may be an interesting 1 time experiment (give away 50K tokens as part of a video), but I think a lot of the celebrities would do more long term harm to the platform than help unless they are really mixing it up and creating an economy.

I am interested in Rally because of the potential to give a platform to creators doing amazing work that we don’t know about.

I own $PTM but care 10X more about $AMA because I know the human being behind the coin and the work that is being done.

Hi Mahesh,

Is there an update regarding the VIP Ambassador program? Is it more difficult or more easy as expected? When do you expect to launch the first VIP coin?


Abe has been setting up multiple meetings for us with the aforementioned class of creators. Abe’s intro carries a lot of weight and he’s good at identifying which groups are most likely to convert, so we are prioritizing those conversations first. I don’t have a time expectation yet but there are already 3-5 promising convos where we are talking coin launch specifics. The first folks we launch at this tier will be huge and open up the rest of the market for us

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Thanks for the update! I agree with you, this will be big for Rally and crypto in general!
For me these tier-A light house creators and access to $Rally (CEX) are the biggest (near term) steps to mass addoption of Rally. Happy to hear things are going well, fantastic job!

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Was wondering if there’s any updates on this program? I’m seeing the “regular” creator onboarding being geared up massively, but no specific updates on the “Tier A Celebs”.

Is the program still active at least, or has focus fully shifted to the current level of creators being onboarded?


@mvellank or anyone from the team any thoughts on the above status? :slight_smile:

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Tagging @nmillman485 who should have the latest here! Sorry I missed your first message Markovic.