Welcome Reviewers to RLY Ecosystem DAO

:tada: Welcoming the Inaugural Reviewers for the RLY Ecosystem DAO :tada:

Those joining the DAO today have extensive background working with startups and are passionate about the social and consumer experiences. As a community organizer I support the ecosystem by providing founders and investors deal-flow. I am super excited to be working with projects and look forward the intersectionality between social tokens and gaming. Introducing the rest of the Reviewers in RLY Ecosystem DAO:

  • Lead (1): Sydney Lai (Twitter: @sydneylai ):
    • Sydney Lai is an engineer with both web2 and web3 experience. She was named an LGBT Technology Leader by The White House, Office of Science and Technology Policy.
    • Sydney served as the Head of Strategy for the Token Foundry at Consensys where she helped build sustainable decentralized networks. She is also a Visiting Lecturer at Baruch College where she teaches the Blockchain Technologies and Applications class that is offered as part of their Masters in Information Systems curriculum.
    • Sydney has helped early-stage startups raise $41m and currently sits as an LP for a Private Equity Fund.
    • She has worked for several crypto protocols and DAOs including Filecoin, Polkadot, 0x, The Graph and MetaCartel
  • Reviewers (7):
    • Amin Iman (Twitter: @aminiman89 ):
      • Michael ran Startup Weekend hackathons for 6 years in CA, an incredible community builder with exposure to great teams and startups
      • Michael’s background includes legal, data science, consumer and is now a BD Manager at Anheuser Busch
      • An early bitcoin adopter class of 2014, an early adopter of tech
    • Idan Levin (Twitter: @levin_idan ):
      • Idan Levin is the Principal at Collider Ventures, an early stage blockchain and crypto fund. He has deep Venture Capital expertise working at the likes of KPMGs’ Deal Advisory Practise and an Associate at Next47, a $1.2B fund backed by Siemens that invests in B2B startups. He currently also serves as an Advisor to Solidus Labs, a crypto risk management and transaction surveillance startup led by veteran Wall Street Fintech Engineers.
      • Idan has also been an active governance contributor for the RLY Project: Profile - Idan_Levin - RLY Discussion Forums
    • Ishaan Hiranandani (Twitter: @ishaan0x ):
      • Ishaan is an Investor at Jump Capital helping founders advance the future of crypto infrastructure, DAOs and Decentralized Finance. He was the Head of Governance for Blockchain at Michigan, a student organization at the University of Michigan that has a blockchain curriculum and an active consulting practice that offers students the ability to develop solutions for organizations in the blockchain space. He has also worked with PayPal, Avalanche Labs and was a Board Member for the Blockchain Acceleration Foundation.
      • Ishaan is an active governance participant for the Compound and Uniswap Protocols through Blockchain at Michigan which has received 50k $COMP and 2.5m $UNI in delegations from a16z.
      • Links
    • Jennifer Tran (Twitter: @JKim_Tran ):
      • Jennifer Tran is the Co-Founder of MintGate, a token gating service that was incubated at the Tachyon Accelerator by Consensys and Protocol Labs. She is a Software Developer and Data Analyst with expertise in logistics and supply chain digitization.
      • She is a founding member of AlchemistDAO, a community of Data Scientists within the Covalent Network. Jennifer is also a Gitcoin Kernel Fellow and won the Sustainability Prize awarded to the top team at the CryptoChicks Hatchery Program, a year long incubator program for women-led blockchain and AI Projects.
      • Jennifer is an active governance participant for the RLY Project and is a Rally.io grant recipient for MintGate Profile - jennifer_tran - RLY Discussion Forums
    • Mike Huang (Twitter: @MikeXHuang ):
      • Mike is a Product Manager at FanDuel, he drives the roadmap with payments and compliance in the gaming and sports betting arena.
      • He is a venture partner at GoingVC and and manager at ReChain Capital with access to deal-flow and a track record with an exit.
      • Competitive Axie Infinity player
    • Nader Dabit (Twitter: @dabit3 ):
      • Nader is currently a Developer Relations Engineer at Edge and Node, the team behind The Graph Protocol. Previously, Nader was a Senior Developer Advocate at Amazon Web Services leading Developer Advocacy for Front End Web and Mobile at AWS.
      • He has written and published “Full Stack Serverless: Modern Application Development with React, AWS and GraphQL” with O’Reilly and “React Native in Action: Developing iOS and Android apps with JavaScript” with Manning Publications. These books are widely known in the AWS and React communities.
      • Nader founded DeveloperDAO, a community of 10,000 developers accelerating the education and impact of a new wave of web3 builders.
    • Stephen Chou (Twitter: @sschou12 ):
      • Stephen Chou is a Principal at Translink Capital where he focuses on investing in early stage interactive media, consumer, and crypto companies. He has led investments in Forte, Rally.io and is a Board Observer at Penrose and Supernatural, two startups in the VR/AR space.
      • Prior to Translink Capital, Stephen worked with founders as an Associate at Cisco Investments and had advised executives on strategic transactions and capital raises at Credit Suisse across the internet, mobile and gaming sectors.

To learn more about RLY Ecosystem DAO [LINK]


Excited to hear from the community and learn about what you’re working on and how RLY can help!

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I am excited to connect with the community here, and looking forward to contribute alongside with our Reviewers in the RLY ecosystem!


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Thank you so much!

I’m Jennifer Tran and am the co-founder of MintGate, the Shopify of tokenized content. I also am a contributor to CovalentHQ Alchemist Program (blockchain data) and Solana.

We have been active in the Rally ecosystem through a developer grant to create token gated links - and we’re already live!

I am passionate about Rally because Rally is at the forefront of enabling social token possibilities through APIs and (hopefully in the future) through SDKs. Rally has enabled social token use cases such as with business entrepreneurs that other social platforms have not actualized yet (still focused on traditional art creators). There is a lot of work to optimize Rally’s tooling for integration with other chains and projects.


Awesome @sydneylai, and what a great team. Excited for '22 and everything the DAO will be bringing to life!


Thrilled to have such a great reviewer team on board to get the DAO off the ground!


Congratulations for all the reviewers joining the RLY Ecosystem DAO. I think more information on how familiar each of these individuals with the Rally platform would be helpful.

Are these people users? Do they support any communities or creators on Rally.io? My concern is that these individuals are highly credentialed but lack intimate familiarity with our Platform and core user base.

I know Jennifer Tran is great developer and I’m working with Creators that use MintGate for gating content.

I believe it’s critical this Rally DAO has the proper community perspective of how their decisions will affect the actual on the ground users: Creators, Communities & Supporters.

I would implore all of the Rally Ecosystem DAO reviewers to connect with Creators they resonate with to understand how they can better service Creators and their communities. There are also extremely active community members like myself that have been sourced directly from Creator Communities to help support Creators in their engagement, administration and growth strategies.

With the stated goal of “Objectives: Foster an organic, rich community-driven ecosystem of developers, creators, businesses, and service providers for the $RLY Network ecosystem.” I believe it would be beneficial to articulate how the Ecosystem DAO will effectively incorporate opinion and sentiment from the broader Rally userbase & Creators.

Happy to connect with any of the reviewers if they want to learn about any of the Creators & the communities I work with. Looking forward for all the progress the DAO will push.

With Warm Regards!


Thanks @sydneylai !

I’m Idan. I am an investor with Collider (crypto and web3 venture fund) and have been doing investments for ~7 years. Worked for tradifi PE + VC for the last few years, and about a year ago went full time into crypto.

I am a contributor to mClub and have been a Rally community member for around a year now.

I am passionate about enabling the long tail of creators to monetize better and being able to make a living, and around better ways to improve monetization for creators. I believe that in this way we can unleash lots of creativity across the internet and new kinds of culture we can’t even imagine right now.

I think that Rally is one of the greatest tools for creators out there, enabling creators to issue a token without worrying about liquidity or ongoing management with complex tooling (bonding curves is an amazing tool), plus doing it in a safe way. There is more work in tapping into more chains and ecosystems so the RLY ecosystem can utilize its full potential.

I’m looking forward to seeing this fly and working with everyone here,


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