RLY Ecosystem Grant Programs: Summaries and Key Distinctions

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As the RLY ecosystem continues to grow and the Ecosystem DAO gets off the ground, I thought it would be valuable to highlight the various grant programs that exist across the ecosystem. Sharing the summary of each of the three programs below to help create awareness and draw distinctions to make it easier to figure out which program to go to for what.

The RLY ecosystem has multiple programs offering grants to creators, developers and contributors to build, support or amplify the broader RLY community. Those programs are listed below, describing the purpose, RLY project focus, treasury and grant siz, along with examples of what the program is intending to fund. Please read and use the links or the forum to apply for the grants that best fit your project need.

Rally.io CDC Developer Grant Program:

  • Purpose: To deploy $RLY for the direct enablement of community-proposed development projects which provide tools to further the goals of Rally.io Creators, specifically through utilization of their Creator Coins, in a timely and fiscally responsible way. To build new Creator Coin projects that offer a tangible benefit the Rally community, including Creators, Developers, or coin holders.
  • Core Audience: Rally.io creators, developers or coin holders
  • Treasury Size: 1 million $RLY funded replenished quarterly
  • Grant Size: up to 1 million $RLY (typical grant size
  • Approval Mechanism: Community Developer Council (CDC) will provide the application format; review applications for fit, scope, and budget; and determine final approval or denial status. The CDC consists of 5 Rally community members.
  • Application: Rally Developer Grant Application
  • Funded Project Examples:
    • Examples of What We Fund: Projects that add Coin utility for the Rally community, including Creators, Developers, or Coin holders.
    • Examples of What We Won’t Fund: Projects that only benefit a specific Coin community, or single use projects

RLY Ecosystem DAO:

  • Purpose: The RLY Ecosystem DAO is a decentralized, autonomous organization run directly by $RLY token holders to govern and distribute a periodically refreshed budget for the benefit of the $RLY network. The objective is to use the DAO to foster an organic, rich community-driven ecosystem for the $RLY Network ecosystem.
  • Core Audience: Developers, creators, businesses and service providers that want to build/support the $RLY ecosystem and ARE NOT proposing grants that are focused on Rally.io or Unite.io.
  • Treasury Size: 20 million $RLY plus $2 million USD,
  • Grant Size: Up to 1,000,000 $RLY
  • Approval Mechanism: Each grant request will be approved by the seven reviewers with approval requiring the following based on grant request size:
    • Micro Grants: up to 50,000 $RLY, 4/7 reviewers approved
    • Rapid Grants: 50,001 - 500,000 $RLY, 5/7 reviewers approved
    • Community Grants: 500,001 - 1,000,000 $RLY, initial application to a form, posting the proposal on governance forum, community vote to approve.
  • Application: TBD
  • Funded Project Examples:
    • Examples of What We Fund:
      • Research: Publishing Reports and Research Papers on concepts like “Engage-To-Earn”, Token Bonding Curves and other crypto-economic constructs appropriate for the $RLY Ecosystem
      • $RLY Token Adoption: Owning the governance process for increasing adoption of the $RLY Token. Eg: Getting $RLY token accepted as an Asset on a DeFi protocol like Aave or Solend, or creating an Index that represents the $RLY ecosystem on Index Co-Op.
      • Developer Tooling: Creating crypto tools that support the $RLY developer ecosystem. Eg: Token Bonding Curve Simulation Tools, On-Chain Analytics for Solana/Eth RLY.
      • Projects: Building on the $RLY token and launching a social/defi platform with “Engage-to-Earn” mechanics.
      • Sponsorships and Events: Eg: Sponsoring Eth Denver/Solana Breakpoint events, Funding $RLY events (Panels, Meetups, etc), Sponsoring Crypto Podcasts and Newsletters.
      • Crypto Community Partnerships: Entering into Strategic Partnerships through funding or token swaps with other DAOs like Developer DAO, FWB, etc that are strategically important to the $RLY Network.
    • Examples of What We Won’t Fund:
      • Rally.io or Unite.io specific creator tooling. Eg: a creator coin gating/airdrop tool
      • dApp projects that do not integrate $RLY token.
      • Rally Creator Marketing/Content

RLY Network Association Grants:

  • Purpose: To foster development of novel consumer use cases that increase demand for the $RLY token
  • Core Audience: Developers
  • Treasury Size: 2B $RLY + ability to update inflationary emissions associated with $RLY Network rewards
  • Grant Size: Up to 2B $RLY, threshold of materiality at association level likely >1MM RLY thought will consider smaller grants while network is in its infancy
  • Approval Mechanism: Review and approval by association executive board currently comprised of 3 members appointed in the network decentralization proposal
  • Application: https://rly.network/
  • Funded Project Examples:

Hi @GaryCoover and @sydneylai! We have a project with unusual impact potential in any market (bear or bull). Initial traction, working prototype, large TAM, and high demand within our first 3 weeks. However, we’re looking for closer to $1.3M USD seed, which is significantly more than the current 1M $RLY grant maximum. Is this currently outside the scope of the DAO?

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Yo @davey! Confirming that the full amount is outside of the DAO’s scope. The right group for this is the RLY Network Association and their grant request program: https://rly.network/. IMHO you should be looking at multiple sources for that $1.3M fundraise and then request a part of that come from the RNA or the DAO.


Thanks Gary! Appreciate the rapid response!