What happened to the wallet time and date data?

It is now just a generic 21st of the month when a transaction took place for each of my owned coins.

Your tx time is still visible for sure if you scroll all the way down the Network Activity for the coin, but yes I miss having the exact time in the Wallet tab as well.

Thanks, I know it can be accessed there but it is far easier in my own list under each coin wallet versus scrolling hundreds or thousands of individual lines for others to get to on the main pages.

Maybe the way to do it could be to just allow an ‘export’ of wallet data from your account - then you get all of it on different tabs, and wouldn’t need to call back the data all the time on the site. Sorta could handle two birds with one stone. Set date range, etc.

An idea for the devs!

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I like that. Along with costs at time of settlement anytime trades are done. I would hate someone to be a whistleblower on the whole system, if taxes are due from any trades, if a person didn’t keep a log of everything like me. I have a feeling that is needed when you go just from rally to a cc and back again. That whole can of worms is just negative publicity potential.

Thought it was just me. But not sure why it was changed, tried to look it up in earlier release notes, couldn’t find ir.

Quite unhandy to say the least.

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I am just glad I keep good records. This just made it a little harder for me but not much. For others though, it could be a nightmare to figure out even 10-20 transactions if a decent amount of time elapsed.

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It’s not just good records. If you receive coin from some source, it’s useful to know where from :slight_smile:

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True…and it looks like we may have the day of the trade back on individual wallets…