Where is this forum on the new site?

Where is this forum on the new site? I looked in the proper spots. Is it lost in a new spot or just never got added?

Are there plans to put the current Rally Price up in the top left corner just like the older site? I find that convenient and I know there are others who have mentioned that too.

I’m also looking for the newest blog posts of Innovative Use Digests and Rally Digests. I only see the older posts of the Innovative Use Digest.

Hover Community in the top menu then click on Community Resources. You have to scroll down a little until you see Forum.

Thanks but it wasn’t there when I asked. Mobile is still likely in testing too. I cannot use it like before. Even using desktop on android is messed up. Update: I seem to have even more tabs in the menu now…

As I understand it, the removal of the price ticker was intentional following the decentralization plan. As “Rally” splits into distinct entities, attention to $RLY will be pushed a bit more towards the $RLY Network side of things and will be less prominent in Rally.io.

Closing this thread for now I think. We’re pushing for all website feedback discussion to take place in #new-website-feedback in our Discord.
Please also check #new-website-known-issues. It has a pretty solid list of known issues and missing pieces :).